The Feelings that Create Our Emotions

"When we go to this vast place—when we go into our well and our vastness—we will find that because we exist, love simply is."

Alana: You know we are body, mind, spirit, and feelings. Beautiful feelings. Thank goodness for feelings that create our emotions. Feeling and emotion are what will ignite your desire to know the love that is within you. Find your reservoir of love. Intend it. Intend it brilliantly. Move into that place within yourself—that little spot—that little spot of intention inside your heart that is a reservoir or well that penetrates the entire vastness of All-That-Is. When you recognize how empty you are, as many of you have done, then you will find that this emptiness is the birth of fullness. Emptiness is often felt through pain. Sometimes emptiness can be found through the ability to identify with what love is. Sometimes we find that grief or sadness will take us there. When we go to this vast place—when we go into our well and our vastness—we will find that because we exist, love simply is.

Oh boy, this is so very fun for Alana. Alana can talk forever you know, because Alana is forever.

Kirk: Susan has something she would like to say.

Alana: Oh, grand. Yes Susan.

Susan: Hello, Alana. How are you?

Alana: Being. Being happy.

Susan: Wonderful. My question has to do with being a human. I find that often I can really be myself and feel very connected with Source and others around me. But often I get confused when I am interacting with people that don’t understand my intention and misinterpret what I am saying or doing.

Alana: Yes.

Susan: This can be difficult for me to sort. That is, it’s sometimes a trying time for me. Although I can relate to the void and what it means to release into sadness and grief, there is another emotion that comes up for me, and that is one of anger. When this happens, the thought of staying in the moment is completely gone. I feel that if I relive past fears, the future may recreate what I fear from the past. I feel so big and almost explosive in those times.

Alana: Yes, because the energy is very big.

Susan: Yes, it is very big, and I don’t like feeling this way, but there it is. I would like to know how to work with the process of emotions, how to have compassion for myself, and not be so concerned about the other person. I also want to deal with what happened to create the spark of all these emotions.

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