Epilogue: Alana's Closing Message

"Alana wishes to acknowledge you. Thank you for holding an incredible vibration upon this planet."


A Closing Message to You From Alana:

Hello, benevolent beings, those of you who have connected with Alana, those of you who have not connected with Alana, and all of you who have a grand desire to pay attention to your heart. By paying attention, you will understand that heart is an infinite highway. This highway leads to grand wisdom, infinite intelligence, and connects you to All-That-Is. Your heart is your highway.

Alana wishes to acknowledge you. Thank you for holding an incredible vibration upon this planet:

With your light,

with your expression,

with your desire,

and the work that you do,

just by being and participating in life,

this light is created.

Know that you are creating a grounding point, the structure, and the center from which global transformation will launch. You have collectively chosen to come together and hold a common thought of love, thus becoming a single beacon of light.

Think of your Earth among the universe. Your Earth is illuminating an incredibly light vibration that is extending outward within the universe. Because this light is so illuminating, it is a grand expression and a grand intention for All-That-Is to turn toward and say, "I see what you want, therefore let us bring you more love and light. Let us create heaven on Earth."

It is your intention to hold the vibration that is creating this beacon of light. It is expressing from your beautiful planet, which is creating the mold and the impression that recognizes how to receive. Alana wishes to give great acknowledgment for the effort and energy that you have shown. Your intention is creating an elevation in consciousness throughout the whole universe, not just Earth, since we are connected to All- That-Is. Therefore, I invite you to turn toward that which you choose to create!

Thank you, dear ones, Alana

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