Summary: We are Godlike Creators, Creating Our Universe, One Reality at a Time

"Intended thought, when felt wholly, creates accelerated velocity to spin collectively into creation that which is so willed with desire, heart, and intention."

Kirk: Okay. What is next?

We Are Also God

Alana: Again, use whatever word best describes your sense of God. So this brings us to the next point. We are co-creators, yes? We have a benevolent universe, yes? Therefore, we are also God.

Kirk: Okay. We may get burned at the stake for sharing this principle! Just kidding. Anyway, how could we not be an integral part of, aspect of, God?

Alana: Yes, we are also God. We are also creators. We can create anything we choose to create.

Kirk: Wow. What is next?

All is Illusion and All is Real

Alana: This brings us to the next principal. That all is illusion. All is Illusion, yet all is real. It is real because you have created it. It is illusion because you could have created anything. In a flip of an intention, with velocity of thought, you can change your environment, you can change your life, and you can change your surroundings.

Kirk: Velocity of thought?

Alana: Yes. When you review these steps, you will find that each has a story within itself. All of these steps overlap, in the sense that they cannot be separated. They all coexist together to give each other existence. So when you move back into the first one, to self-love, you will find that one must love his or her self with velocity. Okay? And you will find that as a person practices self-love, they blend this with a benevolent universe (principle five), and it gives them more opportunities to love ourselves. All principles are interrelated. Intended thought, when felt wholly, creates accelerated velocity to spin collectively into creation that which is so willed with desire, heart, and intention. That is manifestation.

Kirk: Now I can hear my inner skeptic say, "If that were really true, why don't we see many miracles?"

Alana: We do all the time, but we just don't recognize them. And aren't we thankful that Jesus-vibration did not need someone to come do what he did first? We would have been waiting here a long time without recognizing that we can elevate our beings to a state of self-awareness and spiritual connectedness. Remember Ra-vibration when he, intention, was talking to you the other day and said, "If you wait for someone to prove it, you will wait a hell of a long time!"

Kirk: Yes, if I come from the belief that something is not possible, the universe will benevolently mirror back more energies and circumstances that validate impossibility. I will have received my "proof." I'm reminded of the many wonderful scientists who have researched subjects that at one time seemed impossible, and continued to work diligently until their findings actually expanded our domains of reality.

We can recognize that when a person communicates doubt or skepticism, they are creating their own reality. Different realities can serve one another. If we embrace what another chooses to hold as their reality, we show them respect since their perceptions are stepping-stones for them to create understanding.

Alana: Yes. By the way, when Alana speaks of a "hell of a long time," hell truly is when one is ignorant of one's own thoughts. That is when we create hell!

Kirk: If I don't know that I create my own thoughts, then I become the victim of my own - and everyone else's - thoughts. Then I am like a little cork who is tossed around in the waves.

Alana: Yes, and you may float for a very long time without direction.

Kirk: So can we do this in seven steps?

Alana: Do we have seven?

Kirk: Yes, we have seven. Does this cover it?

Alana: Yes.

Kirk: Thank you.

Alana: You're so very welcome, dear one. These principles will serve many. I'm looking forward to expanding upon them when you and Sandy-being are ready.

Kirk: We are too, and it will be very soon. Goodnight, Alana.

Alana: Goodnight, Kirkstir.

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