First Steps are Love and Respect, for What We Do to Another We Do to Ourselves

"Self-love is the foundation that must be in place to receive back the love that we are capable of sharing."

Alana: Yes, let's begin with the first one!

Love Yourself

We have collectively chosen to begin with love - the principles of love. There are many different interpretations for love, so we shall speak simply of love. Love is a state of honor, benevolence, and willingness to saturate one's self with the spirit of joy. Now take this vibration and call this love. The first step is to compassionately honor and love yourself. By honoring yourself you then become a whole being full of spirit.

By full, I mean that your senses become fully aware and honor your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Kirk: I have noticed that whenever you and I work together with clients who are not practicing self-love, this is always where you begin.

Alana: That is correct, for self-love is the foundation that must be in place to receive back the love that we are capable of sharing.

Kirk: Very good, what is next?

Respect Others

Alana: When one is full with love of one's self, then the second primary awareness we shall embrace is recognizing that you must also respect others. Respect means to recognize that others have the capacity and capability to also be whole. And they also have the choice. So wherever they may be, this is where they currently ìbe.î Respecting others creates discernment, which begins with judgment.

Kirk: Here we recognize that everyone has the right to be his or her own person; that it is okay for others to have their own beliefs and opinions. People donít have to think or be like me for me to care about them, and vice versa. Okay, next!

We Are One

Alana: This brings us to the third step. Here we come to understand discernment. We present ourselves from the state of a whole being. If we come from a judgmental perspective, we are forgetting to embrace this third principle, this third awareness. Here you recognize that what you do to another, you do to yourself. You come to understand the interrelationship of all things. You recognize that there is no separation between you and another. This third principle is the key to the first two.

You see, if someone thinks that they love themselves, but they judge another, then they are not in love with themselves. If you judge another, you judge yourself. So we have the first two steps as the primary awareness, but they are incapable of being true without recognition of the third step. They all coexist together.

We are one, and with that we choose to discern so that we stay within oneness. Yes, we begin with judgment, which presupposes separation, but we complete with discernment, which recognizes that we are one. This principal operates within the natural rhythm of nature.

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