Summary: How the Seven Sacred Steps Came to Be

"Love is a state of honor, benevolence, and willingness to saturate one's self with the spirit of joy."

We thought you would enjoy knowing how this first Alana book, "The Seven Sacred Steps" came into being. Our Summary will take you to the time when The Seven Sacred Steps were first birthed. We trust that hearing these seven steps in a concise way will further enrich your learning experience.

One day as Kirk was asking Alana questions, an idea came to him. He wondered if Alana could sort through the vast amount of truth that exists, distill down the information, and present the very most important principles. Alana said that she could and promised ìto do some homework.î Certainly the notion of Alana doing homework was a humorous one, since she doesnít exist within time and is always able to immediately bring forth answers to questions. The delay in time was a practical matter, and based on Kirk and Sandyís schedule. About one month later, a session was conducted and Alana brought forth the following information through Sandy.

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Greetings, Kirkstir.

Kirk: How are you doing?

Alana: Being. Being good.

Kirk: Being good in contrast to being bad? (Joking)

Alana: Not really, Kirkstir! You see, you have Earthly good. Earthly good has polarity. But when you have universal good, it is within the alignment of that which is highest and best. The difference is in interpretation.

Kirk: I'm getting nonduality, little by little.

Alana: You certainly are, dear one.

Kirk: So Alana, last month I asked if you would work on a special project. I asked if you could summarize the message of universal heart into between five and nine essential principles. Have you been working on this in your spare time, perhaps at night?

Alana: Oh, yes. I've been spending all my time thinking about it, going over it again and again. I've spent many hours dwelling on the complexities, forgetting any simplicities, hashing it over, and working very, very hard!

Kirk: It's fun to imagine the typical scene of a frustrated writer who has been wadding up and throwing away lots of paper.

Alana: Yes, paper everywhere; garbage cans full of paper. I've even been making paper airplanes.

Kirk: I enjoyed pretending that I made a request and that you then took many hours to work on the project. I know you could have answered me instantly, but it has been fun for me to play with this idea. By the way, Sandy said earlier that she got a communication from you that there are really about ninety principles.

Alana: When we take into account the masses - all the population on the planet and all probability - it becomes complex to figure out the priorities. However, simplicity comes from remembering the single most important purpose of heart: to remember who we truly are, elevate our awareness, and engage all in our eternal promise of oneness. In the steps I will present, you will find an intertwining of both complexity and simplicity.

When one is speaking to an audience, it is important to find a way to open the door. You must also find their intention and align with them by using a method to gain their attention. The door opener must vibrate throughout all the senses that it passes through. The steps that Alana wishes to invoke are simple within themselves. The complexity lies within the realization that they all fit together. As they blend together, they make one's life much simpler and richer, full of love and light, and lead to peace and happiness.

Kirk: I'm excited, Alana. Would you like to summarize them now?

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