Trusting Your Heart Empowers Your Intention

"Let us be powerful beings in our humanness and adore each aspect of our precious natures. For we are benevolent, beautiful creatures."

Kirk: Would anyone like to ask a question about this before we complete? You are welcome to. This is not only an opportunity to hear about intention, it is also an opportunity to hear from intention.

Thomas: As we dilute our creative process with counterproductive thoughts, how do we go about bringing back the strength?

Ra: Trust in your heart. Go back tenderly into your heart.

Thomas: And just recreate?

Ra: Continue to love the energy that you manifest. Even though it may not be the exact representation of what you wanted, look for the seed of your intention within it. Acknowledge the benevolence of the universe to bring forth to you a creation fueled with your being. You know, you are eternal and you have forever to master these steps. Yet you are here now in the body that you are in, so there is only now. So why not honor this awareness? How many ways can you create?

Thomas: All ways.

Ra: Yes. Be tender with yourself and others.

Kirk: Well, our time today is coming to a close. Thank you so much, Ra.

Ra: You are welcome.

Alana: Ra-being is now leaving from this form.

Kirk: The room seemed so very thick with energy; did every-one see, feel, or sense it? It was like the room was sort of fuzzy and soft. Like there was a haze in the room.

Jackson: I think that was our combined spiritual energy aligning with Ra and Alana. That was a very powerful and intense time.

Kirk: Alana, do you have any closing comments?

Alana: Yes. Let's keep playing with those candy bars so we can continue to lighten our vibration! Just teasing again, you know how I like to lighten the energy when we get so serious!

Ra energy appears to be very serious, and yet the room was filled with spiritual cotton candy!

Kirk: Indeed.

To quickly review, here are The Seven Sacred Steps:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Respect Others
  3. We Are One
  4. All is Co-Creation
  5. God is Benevolent
  6. We Are Also God
  7. All is Illusion and All is Real

Kirk: Alana, do you have anything else that you would like to add before we complete our day?

Alana: Yes. Just dance with what we have shared. Let us all go to many dances! Play and have fun. Judge not in a way that you hold yourself within pain. If pain occurs, and you feel separate, embrace your pain and pamper yourself. Just be human, okay? Allow your humanness to be present and love it so much. Your humanness is what is going to bring about heaven on Earth. This is what we choose collectively.

I thank each and every one of you for intending to know your hearts. Through this intention, the Alana heart vibration is able to come here today and play with you. This playfulness has meant so much in the creation of joy upon this planet. We so desire to have pleasure here on Earth. Have we not exhausted pain? Have we not exhausted the need for contrast? Have we not exhausted powerlessness and power- madness?

Let us be powerful beings in our humanness and adore each aspect of our precious natures. For we are benevolent, beautiful creatures. We are so full of light and so desire to bring more light to this planet. We want to spread joy to every corner, every inch, and even the tiniest of cells. We can be together without suppression. We can be together, living fully and freely, while supporting each other's well being.

I thank you from the bottom of Alana's heart. I thank you from the bottom of your heart. Even though sometimes I get confused if the bottom is the top or the top is the bottom! I thank you all so very much for being here now. Please continue to be here now and Alana shall continue to always be blended within you. Thank you.

Kirk: Have a good night, Alana.

Alana: Yes, good night and good day!

Jackson: Are you going to go dancing?

Alana: Going to go dancing with all of you. We shall spin within the Milky Way! Wow, Rock and Roll Jackson!

Group: Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Thank you, to all.

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