A Simple Formula for Manifestation

"If you look for someone outside of yourself to say to you, "Here is the proof that your desire can happen," well, guess what? You will wait a long time!"

Kirk: Yes, we can imagine that we are serving ourselves in forms beyond our current reality. Ra, would you describe the process of creation - the relationship of intention, thought, desire, velocity, and manifestation?

Ra: Yes:

Pause and invite all of your parts to be present.

Continue to allow your parts to be where they are.

But invite them.

Feel them within you.

Move your awareness into your heart as you do this.

You may even place your hands over your heart.

Feel your heart.

Now notice your judgments.

Allow your judgments to easily move into the allowing energy of discernment.

Ask your heart to formulate an intention for you.

May your intention be to create abundance.

Have your heart feel abundance.

Have it feel the sensation of what abundance would be like for you.

Feel it.

Ardently, intently, expand your being.

Feel it passionately.

Feel desire.

Feel the desire within your heart to have abundance become a reality in your life.

Combine this with your will.

Your beautiful will.

Wish it to be so.

Continue to build energy with this image.

Bring in your senses.

Invoke your sight.

Invoke your taste.

Invoke your smell.

Invoke your hearing.

Invoke your feelings.

Invoke knowingness.

Bring your senses, feelings, and knowingness into your heart.

Be present in this moment.

Bask in the energy you are creating.

Feel velocity building.

Continue to desire.

Continue to will.

Continue to trust.

Continue to intend.

Exhale, and breathe in...

...and release!

You have just spun into motion a vibration that created a nonphysical mold. Now what do you do with this mold? You allow it to be present without having a need to change it. Because the instant that you doubt, the instant that you move into lack and separation, your mold begins to change form. It begins to blend with whatever new thoughts you project. This is not bad, it just means that you are altering your image to some degree. If you catch yourself, embrace your doubt with love, then reaffirm. Now watch, wait, and see what shows up.

You have time in your dimension to assist you with manifestation. You have created time as a tool to bring forth creation. You are God, you are a co-creator, and you have magnificent tools. Once you go through the creation process, see what shows up and bless what appears. If you find that what shows up is more evidence of lack, be sure and bless it. Say, "Thank you for showing me lack again." Allow it to be there and then go one step further and turn towards that which you choose to create. Then do the process again. Eventually you will build a form, a mold, which will create what you desire without adjustment. This is because you will begin to trust yourself, and your intentions will become much clearer, manifesting that which you choose. So be it.

Your universe is benevolent and it will fill your mold. Ask yourself what it is that your intention, your desire, has brought forth with velocity. Recognize where you spend your time thinking. Recognize what it is that you fuel. Bless it. Bless it. If it does not please you, acknowledge your creative power and try again. Keep turning towards that which you choose to create. If you look for someone outside of yourself to say to you, "Here is the proof that your desire can happen," well, guess what? You will wait a long time! This is because you are telling the universe that you need proof. Do you see? If you are telling the universe that you need proof, you are saying that you do not have proof. It's really quite a simple formula.

Is it easy? Not necessarily. Is it simple? Yes. Why is it not easy? Because as a collective human race, we are so used to looking outside of ourselves for validation. We continue to create the need for validation. Then we never get what we most deeply want. In a sense, we are getting what we want because we are getting what we are expressing. But are we getting what we truly and most deeply want?

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