Inducing Altered States of Consciousness without Mind-Altering Substances

"You can bring forth awareness that will induce states of consciousness to perceive both reality and illusion."

Kirk: Ra, on this planet most of the old indigenous cultures have some sort of Shaman as a spiritual guide. Most Shamans that I am aware of use altered states. In order to induce these states, repetitive rituals like dancing and drumming are used. Many cultures also use organic mind-altering substances as part of these ceremonies. In most Western cultures, mind-altering drugs are considered contraband. Alcohol, sugar, many prescription drugs, and cigarettes are four big exceptions. Nearly all people agree that drug abuse and addiction ruins lives. With that said, my comment is that these rituals and substances have been a tool for some very wise indigenous people and have been used to bridge and experience other realities. I am curious as to what your comment is on all of this.

Ra: Remember that you are part of a collective. To assist with this question, Alana will come forward for a moment.

Alana: Kirk, to answer your question Alana wishes to give an example. Say that you are going to the supermarket and you take a mind-altering substance before you arrive. Imagine that you are fully engaged in this substance and you are in the store looking at the vegetables and the canned goods. In this experience, you will draw the vibration of all the items you are aligning with to you, as well as all that is in the supermarket. You will experience all of these things in the heightened state that you are in. Is this necessarily great for you? Unless you are centered in yourself, this vibration will impact you in a confrontational way. Shamans, mystics, and magicians have much practice and know how to use nature to create altered states. They are seeking, within their current vibrational collective, a way to bridge, understand, and interpret the seventh sacred step, that all is illusion and all is real. Today your beings are here and you wish to receive a sense of expanded possibility. You are leading up to creating altered states without the need of external chemical or substance stimulation.

Ra: You are connected to all. You have within you the totality of substance that is within the vibration of the entire universe. In other words, you have within you the minerals, you have within you the atoms, and you have within you the cellular vibration of all substances. You can bring forth awareness that will induce states of consciousness to perceive both reality and illusion.

Kirk: And the advantage to that is that it is not illegal, there are no physical risks, and there is no inheriting whatever the vibration of the collective happens to be.

Ra: That is correct. So today we wish to plant a small seed in your being. What you see in your reality is here to serve you, but it could also be serving another expanded vibration of beingness within another reality. Therefore all is real and all is illusion. This impression, this seed of thought should implant in your heart the possibility that you can manifest anything that you wish. You are connecting with your greater resources. They wish to serve you as well. As you are in your body, in this nature, and in the beingness that you show today, can you imagine that perhaps you are also serving yourself in another form? Perhaps this is easier to imagine.

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