Your Extended Multidimensional Being Connects You to Vast Resources

"Could we imagine looking at a tree through a kaleidoscope and seeing the tree as something completely different?"

Kirk: You know, Ra, I am looking out the window and it appears that the tree I am observing is real and not a potentiality, thought, or even a vibration. Perhaps I think that because it is a tree every time I look at it. I've looked at these things for my whole life and they've always been trees. It seems that the reality part of this pair is relatively easy for us to get. How can we also comprehend the illusion part, given that we continually experience the sameness of reality?

Ra: Ask yourself if it is possible for you to have a belief that the tree is vibration in another dimension and another plane. Is it possible that this tree's vibration could also be a mountain in another plane of existence?

Kirk: As an example, could we imagine looking at a tree through a kaleidoscope and seeing the tree as something completely different?

Ra: Yes, that experience will assist you.

Kirk: Fundamentally everything is energy, and thought brings energy into formation. In relationship to my current reality, my thoughts about this particular energy create the experience of the tree. In another domain of reality - one of different thoughts - my thoughts can create the same energy as something completely different.

Ra: Yes.

Kirk: Both are true.

Ra: And both serve. Open your senses even wider to include other planes of expression. Some beings think that the human life is the illusion and is insignificant. Some practice that the other side is what is real and what is illusion is the physical world. This is the perception that their vibration can allow. The possibility that a tree in your plane could be a mountain in another is a very vast thing to grasp, dear ones.

If you can grasp this concept as a "what if," then you move into a state of allowing. By allowing the many other resources with which you are connected, you will be able to serve yourself. You are assisting the elevation of your frequency and vibration. You are gathering resources of your extended being and even simultaneous existences. You are able to recognize that when a dog barks in this reality, perhaps it is the whisper of the wind in another reality.

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