Finding Life Purpose and Love Comes Through Self- Awareness

"Before we can truly give to another we must give to ourselves."

Alana: Do you know what would be so very delightful? If we would really take the time to know ourselves deeply before deciding to know ourselves through someone else. Perhaps while you are creating your life, you could spend much time having a delightful experience through unraveling your essence. Perhaps you could really question what it is that allows you to thrive. If you could really honor the answers you receive—rather than deny what you learn—you would know when you are truly able to give to others in a full way. We deeply desire to give to others because it expands our hearts. We feel a bigger and vaster connection to our heart. But before we can truly give to another we must give to ourselves. We must give to ourselves until we are so full and overflowing that when we give to another we give pure joy, we give pure love, we give pure benevolence, we give pure compassion. Wow, think of that!

Think of a universe, think of a planet, think of the people, think of what it will be like when we all know ourselves so intensely that we feel much joy and passion for who we are individually. We would all be fully in touch with our purpose.

You would have a planet that has all possibilities expressed within it. It would be like a giant puzzle where all the pieces come together. Once this puzzle comes together, it would have the ability to expand the entire universe. There is no suppression here, only creation. There is no reaction. There isn’t anything that needs reacting to.

When we are reacting, we are outside of ourselves trying to determine who we are by looking at that which is external. When we are creating, we bring forth mirrors in order to see ourselves more clearly. Reaction and creation are quite different. Reaction is about the past. Reaction is anticipation of the future. Well, guess what? You do not exist in the past or the future. There is only the now. Yes, there is a past and a future from a dualistic point of reference, or from the place where we examine time, but creativity can only exist in the now. So if you are reacting, you are in fear of the past or the future. If you are in the now, you are creating.

Let’s try an experiment for a moment. I would like you to try to get out of this moment. Come on, jump into the future right now. Oh, you’re there. Oh, you’re not. You’re back into the now. Okay, let’s go into the past and see if your shoes can take you there. Well, perhaps your thoughts can, but your shoes cannot. You are in your shoes right now. Well, those who have shoes on. If not, then we will just use our feet!

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