Multi-Dimensionality: Our Relationship with All Planes, Dimensions, and Parallel Realities

"Darkness contains the emptiness in which all probability and all possibility - fully abundant without limitation - can spring forth."

Ra: Yes, it is how God, or if you prefer, all-that "Is" expands through the blending of heart, which is light, and intention, which is darkness. You see, many have a judgment that darkness is evil or that darkness is bad, but look at a baby-being that is within the womb. The baby-being is within total darkness and yet trusts light. Darkness is the emptiness from which all creation must be birthed. From darkness a seed is planted within one's heart. Heart (Alana) combined with intention (Ra) and fueled by desire (yours) brings forth manifestation. Now let us speak of illusion.

Kirk: Do you mean like the dog barking outside? (Laughter)

Ra: That is real, and it is also illusion. It may sound peculiar to feel this concept from your ears because from your ears you are connected to your body. And yet from your ears you are also connected to all possibility. From your ears this manifestation is occurring, therefore it is real and it serves you. It serves your senses and it serves your being, or it would not have been brought forth for you. And yet if you were to recognize that you are God - you are a creator - you could also recognize that the barking vibration is multidimensional. Perhaps it is also a pattern for something else. Perhaps the tone of the dog barking is the wind blowing through the trees in another reality. Does not this suggest that it could also be an illusion in your reality?

So there is an interrelationship with vibrations between all dimensions and all planes of creation and expression. What is real in one plane is a mirror illusion in another. There is also the probability and possibility that in the moment you could have created something else with the energy. But you create what serves you. We talk of this today because we wish for you to understand that you are much vaster and much greater than you could possibly imagine. By allowing this concept to tantalize your senses as a possibility, you have drawn a multitude of resources to you that wish to assist you in manifestation.

Trust your reality. Trust that what you see is here to serve you. But also allow the possibility that it is illusion. Perhaps it is just a blending of vibration that appears to be solid. Perhaps the vibration of your thoughts determines its shape. If you trust intentionally - creating with will, desire, and heart - energy will change form before your very eyes. You can ask yourself what you would like. By doing so, know you have the power within you to create through intention!

So dear ones, be in your heart. Feel your heart. Trust darkness to be your friend. Trust the darkness and your heart. Being in your heart will assist your trust. Trust that darkness contains the why. Darkness contains the emptiness in which all probability and all possibility - fully abundant without limitation - can spring forth.

By combining this seventh step with all else - the prior six steps - your life will be filled with bliss. At the moment you look at pain or difficulty, you may say, "Yes, this is real and it is also illusion. Perhaps this perceived creation is assisting a manifestation of my greater being. Maybe one creative expression is serving multiple realities."

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