Communicating With Love

Love is a place in your being that is timeless.

Love is a place in your being that is knowingness.

Love is a place in your being that is purely empty.

Love is so excited in its emptiness that it becomes full!

To know all-that-is, just accept that you are love as well. You are love even on those cranky days. You are love even on those days when it rains and there is no sun and it is gray; when it appears dreary. When you want something but your wish is not mirrored back to you, just ask yourself, "How can this serve me?" The answer that may come back to you in a little whisper is, "If I can connect to love - and I wish to do so now - then perhaps I will be full." Perhaps the minute that you do this, if all of your parts are present, maybe the sun will peek through the clouds to smile at you. Maybe the nature spirits will hear you and align with your wish!

Kirk: We'll always receive an answer in one way or another. It may be through the sun shining, the movements of the grass blowing in the wind, a call from a friend, a feeling in our heart, the singing of a bird, a tingle in our toes, even reading something that brings us warmth. The ways we can receive are as vast as all of creation.

Alana: Yes, we are learning to use our shovels wisely. We are learning to use our shovels in a way that serves us.

Kirk: We can allow our suffering and our pain to remind us that we have simply forgotten that we are love; that we are also God. We can never be offtrack, behind, or late in our growth process. As we allow, we see "what is" as perfect. Then it is easy and all we have to do is remember our connection.

Alana: That is indeed a celebration. Yes, so be it!

Kirk: Then we forget...and get busy trying to change others and make them what we want them to be so we can be happy! (Laughter)

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