Embracing Limitless Love

"Love is the only thing that is limitless because love embraces all."

Kirk: One way to help that fear of forgetting is to relax into the possibility of forgetting, and then celebrate when you remember that you forgot. Rather than judging ourselves when we forget, we can congratulate ourselves when we remember. The thought that we should always remember may be what contributes to some of the more rigid spiritual beliefs. It's like walking around holding our breath and saying, "Now that I've got this air I have to keep it."

I'm no great juggler but I have taught a lot of people how to do the same kind of simple juggling that I do. There is one thing I know for sure: it helps immensely to celebrate dropping the ball. It helps to practice, - Toss, toss, toss, drop. I'm tossing, catching, dropping, and picking up balls! I'm in the process of learning. I celebrate the toss. I celebrate the catch. I celebrate the drop." I can learn to love the forgetting. When I discern that I have forgotten, I'm awake -- at least for the moment-- and that is all there is. The key is to not paralyze the natural learning cycle by freezing it with judgment. If we become aware that we-ve been judging, we can celebrate our awareness by simply returning to discernment.

Alana: Yes. Think of it like a rhythm-like the rhythm of giving and receiving. When you receive you have created a space for another to give. When you give this creates a space for another to receive. And it all flows back and forth. As surely as you remember, you will surely forget. And as you forget, you will remember. You can feel it as something that is...and then you can let go of your judgment about it being bad.

A core principle here is that all things contain what they are capable of containing. Earlier we were speaking of those that can only hold a certain vibration. We could view this as outside of ourselves. We could sit there and look at them and say, "They are wrong. They are only getting a piece of what is true." But they are within what they are capable of at this moment and that is not bad, wrong, or less. Their way may be that it just does not serve you at this moment.

As you, Susan-being, sit here within your nature and are excited by your remembering, comprehend that the capability to know that you are also God is not something that can sit within your mind forever. Your mind has a capacity and your mind's capacity is such that it is blended with a rhythm that lies within the universe. It is like breathing. Breathe out...then gently allow the air to flow back in. You can only breathe in as much as you release. It's like a heartbeat. Do you see?

Be excited when you remember. Be excited when you forget. When you forget, anticipate that you will remember. When you remember, anticipate that you will forget so that you can remember again. And when you create this permission to be - to just be - that is compassion and that is love. Everything brings us back to the fact that love is and love has a capacity to be all. Love is the only thing that allows all. Love is the only thing that is limitless because love embraces all. When you know God fully, and that you are also God, then at that moment you are sitting in the reservoir of your being in this beautiful place of love. It is not necessarily a measure of love that someone has to mirror back to you.

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