Balancing Your Heart and Mind

" When you embrace and allow the answers of the heart, you will become a pure vessel."

Alana: Take a breath.


Allow your heart to expand.

Your thoughts will lead you.

You will go to the place where the answer is.

Your being will know the answer.

It will come forth into you.

Do you allow the answer? Do you accept it? Or, do you judge it and ask another question? If you judge the answer, without embracing, honoring, and discerning the answer, then surely your mind will ask another question. Then you may miss what your heart has to tell you. Your heart speaks many languages.

Sometimes the answer that you receive may seem so silly. Rob’s candy bar question could have felt silly, but it was divinely profound because it brought forth the vibration of light and love. It so beautifully orchestrated, the coming together of this sacred step. Do you see?

But your mind will often feel that the information you receive is insignificant. Yet within an answer that does not seem very important there could be the most magnificent bit of information. By allowing and feeling whatever answer you receive, it will expand into something else. Then another expansion may occur. Then that will again expand into something else. Once your mind begins to understand the profound value of heart listening, it will become excited and it will ask again. Then the heart will deliver an answer. Then the mind will ask again, and the heart will deliver once more. When you embrace and allow the answers of the heart, you will become a pure vessel. When I say pure, I mean that as you discern with love, all that is not love will transform into all that is love.

Barry: I am just a little confused, Alana. You said to embrace the answer and not ask another question. Then I heard you say to ask another question.

Alana: When you have heart-mind balance, you ask a question and then embrace the answer. Your mind will be excited to expand and ask another question. When your heart and mind are not in balance, you ask a question, embrace the answer, but then shrink by denying your answer. Then your mind asks another question. This will lead you to evidence that is only of your mind. Heart-mind balance is a way for you to utilize your heart highway and continue to expand your being. This is where you can apply the sacred steps we are speaking about today. You will then be able to allow your heart to continue bringing forth more and more light. Did that clarify your question?

Barry: Yes, thanks.

Alana: And thank you so much for your assistance in bringing forth clarity.

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