Connecting to Your Heart

"Your heart is the place where you receive the answers."

Kirk: Alana, I wonder if you would talk a bit about our hearts being the communication highway.

Alana: I would be delighted to do so. OK, feel the experience of your mind saying, “What is heart, anyway? What is mind? What is the spirit? Where do I go today? What is it that I want to eat?” Now feel an answer. Feel an answer coming to you. Feel your answer coming and then notice your mind saying, “But what if? But where? But how? But when? But why?” The mind’s job is to ask as many questions as it can possibly ask. The mind’s job is to continue fueling energy. The mind’s job is to bring forth to you more and more information. Your heart is the place where you receive the answers. Sometimes your mind thinks that receiving is its job. But your mind is the asker and your heart is the receiver. Since your heart is the receiver it must be connected to the avenues, roads, or highways that connect you to All-That-Is.

Let’s speak of this information exchange as a freeway. Actually, let’s speak of it as a superhighway, like the German autobahn. The volume and speed of information received depends on your willingness to hold heart vibration. If you intently wish to hear, and don’t mentally categorize what you receive to be one way or another, then you have an autobahn.

Each of your questions has a different vibration. One vibration is when your mind seeks its own answers. Another vibration is when your mind asks a question and then listens to the heart for the answer. Your heart has within it willingness. Your heart allows reception. This is because your heart expands with laughter, joy, humor, and love. Bathing yourself in these energies expands your nature and it becomes fullness. As you connect to your inner autobahn and maneuver around, you will go where you need to go to find your answers. Your heart is a hub that connects you to all super highways, all avenues, all streets, and even all little dirt roads. It is the grid that Marsha shared with us earlier today. With your heart you can maneuver upon this grid and you may go anyplace you intend. You simply think it, and so be it. You just need to allow it.

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