Laughter and Enlightenment

"You have within your heart the ability to maneuver through the highways that connect you to the entire universe."

Alana: Do you know what you have all just felt? You have felt a vibration that lets you know how expanded your being is!

You may feel this humorous vibration—laughing about candy bars, God, and the Milky Way—but seriously, laughter is so akin to bliss. It is connected to the vibration that mirrors who you truly are. You are vibrational frequency. If you could have visualized the occurrence we just had while our laughter became commingled—actually been able to see the vibration— you would have experienced a very similar energy to the vibration that is capable of knowing God fully. Yes, you are also God.

When you think, feel, or know—when you experience this vibration—you will recognize that your natures are wishing to feel their elevated self. You see, there has been a misconception that we must evolve through pain and struggle and that we are not already evolved beings. That we must go through this incredibly arduous path to seek enlightenment. Enlightenment is a very humorous thing. When one is laughing, as you all did in this room, you are enlightened in that moment. Enlightenment and knowing that you are also God is so simple. It is a simple vibration, filled with your fullness. When you laugh, don’t you laugh fully?

Thank you, Rob, for facilitating this awareness. Do you see? We are co-creators! This sure made my job easy!

The point here is that all you need to do is to elevate your frequency. Elevate your vibration to what is within you already and then you will know your godliness. You will understand that because you are also God, you can create anything you intend. You can attract anything you intend in alignment with the principles of love.

This vibration feels very good. Alana is enjoying this vibration. Alana is enjoying feeling your open hearts. Your hearts so desire, and your hearts have within them all knowingness. You have within your heart the ability to maneuver through the highways that connect you to the entire universe. Through this you will know your pure essence. You will know that you are the God force—that the God force sits within you—and that you are creators too! What a group. What a vibration.

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