The Sixth Sacred Step: We Are Also God

“Elevate your vibration to what is within you already and then you will know your godliness. You will understand that because you are also God, you can create anything you intend.”

Kirk: Welcome back, Alana. Is this workshop fun for you?

Alana: Yes. Alana is blended with purpose.

Kirk: Everything is, right?

Alana: Fun for Alana?

Kirk: Yes.

Alana: Of course, Alana wills it that way!

Kirk: Alana, when you’re not talking to us, what are you up to?

Susan: Where do you shop? (Laughter)

Alana: You want to know where Alana shops? Alana shops where there is peppermint, where there are chocolates, and where there are delicacies that invite your senses to expand and play. Alana likes to shop where there is beautiful fabric and anything that will expand the senses. That is where Alana likes to go and that is where you can find me!

Rob: So when I’m pigging out on a candy bar, I am expanding my senses!

Alana: That’s right. So be it. Yes, Rob. You can say, “How does this candy bar serve me? As I eat this candy bar I know God!” (Laughter)

If you could bring this fun vibrational presence that we are sharing now into your being when someone does something that you don’t like, you would have the ability to manifest anything. Perhaps this moment we are creating a very delightful impression. Thank you, Rob, because this brings us to the next step, “You Are Also God.” And yes, God does like candy bars.

Rob: What kind of candy bars?

Alana: Why, Milky Way bars, what else? (Laughter)

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