What Are Your Values, What Allows You to Thrive

"Treat yourself so well that you are honored to be with yourself."

Alana: Alana decided to throw that in for laughter. Just checking on you. Wanting to see if you are awake. Did anybody wake up? Okay. This love affair with yourself must begin by you getting to know yourself. You want to know how to find your life purpose. Yes? Well, guess what? When you blend with self-love, your purpose becomes an automatic realization. It comes forth easily and effortlessly. As you blend with self-love, you examine what brings you joy. You examine what brings you pain. You examine your true resonance, your true frequency, and your true bliss. You ask yourself, “What is it that brings me the greatest of pleasures? What is it that expands my being so that I feel powerful and am able to sit within knowingness? What brings the realization that I am a unique pattern of soul vibration? What is it that allows me to remember that there is no other being that resonates as my vibration?”

You go into yourself with pleasure. Treat yourself so well that you are honored to be with yourself. Find yourself so deeply within. Ask yourself, “What are my values? What is it that allows me to thrive in this world?” You begin to have an incredible relationship with yourself.

Think of it this way, when you meet an individual that somehow strikes your fancy, this gets your attention. When you meet that individual, you are actually seeing parts of you reflected back. So the more you know of yourself, the more that can be mirrored back to you.

When we connect with an individual that interests us, have you ever noticed how we spend so much of our time examining them? We look at them and we say, “What is it that they like? What is it that they dislike?” As we watch their feelings we say, “What are they feeling today? What are they not feeling?” Now guess what we do. We determine who we are by who they are.

If you know yourself well, then you will be able to recognize your wholeness. Then you will be able to see the parts of those people who are mirror reflections of you. We will talk further of this in another one of the steps. Just know that as you fall in love with yourself—as you fall in love with the creation of your unique pattern in the world, and as you are blended with the essence of your nature and begin to know yourself so intensely—this will create your outer world in a whole new way.

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