Releasing Struggle and Making Life Playful and Fun

"It seems we have the habit of exhausting every possible way of co-creating within the energy of effort and struggle."

Kirk: Before we move on, I want to offer an additional perspective. Many traditions express that humans have seven fundamental energy centers, which are often called chakras. The root chakra, near our genitals, is often associated with Earth. The crown, at the top our head, is commonly associated with heaven. Mental spirituality often has a preference of the higher over the lower. For example, in some paths sexuality is associated with the lower chakras. If heaven is perceived as better than Earth, then sexuality can be misunderstood to be a “lower form” of human experience and therefore unspiritual. It makes more sense to me that if I want the flowers at the end of stems to blossom, I would take care to nurture their roots and everything in between. I feel that we are on Earth in order to experience heaven here and now. The upper, middle, and lower can be one integrated medium for the expression of all that we are, which expresses All-That- Is.

Back in 1993 I asked Alana what it was like working with people. She presented me with a parable. She said it is like watching a person standing on the shore of a small lake. One of their friends is out on a raft in the middle of the lake and yells, “Hey, the water feels wonderful. Would you like to swim on out and join me on the raft?” The person on the beach replies, “Sure.” But instead of jumping in the water and swimming out to the raft, they turn around and start walking in the opposite direction. After walking around the world, they arrive on the opposite shore thirty years later, wondering why life seems so hard. It seems we have the habit of exhausting every possible way of co-creating within the energy of effort and struggle. We often forget to look at the path of ease and simplicity. We seem to forget to just jump in and start swimming by the direct route.

Alana: Yes, how many ways can you create to get there? We are creative, yes? And, we are learning.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana.

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