Respecting Others Includes Having Compassion for Their Beliefs and Still Being True to Yourself

"As I know love, I expand and become more love.”

Alana: Imagine a person that earnestly desires to expand and know more of their spiritual dimensionality. But their vibration is only such that it can embrace mental spirituality. They may be attracted to a system that limits the mind from being present. Or maybe they may lean toward a religion that attempts to keep the ego and/or body from being present. These approaches may work for them, because at that moment their vibration may only contain the amount of light that is in perfect alignment with the spiritual model of their choosing. Judge it not. Recognize that this is a perfect step in their process to spiritually unfold.

As they experience life, they may wish to expand beyond a spirituality that has a limited perception. Those of you sharing today collectively are not new souls. You are very familiar with vibrating at a magnificent tone. Yet here you are in these bodies and you so desire to bring heaven to Earth. You are saying to the world, “Wake up, folks, you can have it all!” Please, dear ones, be patient. Understand what looks like separation, pain, or missing the point, may be all of the vibration that someone is able to hold in this moment. It is really perfect for them.

I can tell you that if you viewed the totality of the benevolence of the God force before you right now, you would all probably explode! So please be patient with others. Also be patient with yourself. Perhaps you’d like to say, “Thank you so much for my benevolent dear being and for all of my parts for being present. I am adding to the vibration of my frequency and my ability to resonate love. As I know love, I expand and become more love.”

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