Learning Through Contrast Can Lead to Spiritual Growth

"We have a habit of learning through the contrast of pain and pleasure."

Carl: I have a question that goes back in history a little bit. Christianity is not the only religion that has been misinterpreted and now tends to create separation.

Alana: No, there are many more.

Carl: I find them to be very interesting because a lot of them hold beautiful gems and at the same time they also espouse separation. Some see life as very sour and bitter. There is always something that you need to transcend and get beyond. You are always supposed to transcend the “lower” aspects of your being, which is exactly opposite of what you are saying about bringing all your parts to the party. They say to send many parts to jail. After denying some parts, other parts of you are supposed to go beyond and reach an ego-free state. Could you tell me what the purpose of this is and how it has served humankind?

Alana: The purpose has been to separate so that we can remember that we are whole. We have a habit of learning through the contrast of pain and pleasure. Separation creates fear, scarcity, and pain. These experiences can eventually lead us to love, abundance, pleasure...and beyond.

Carl: So these paths have been important stepping-stones for many people. I know a lot of people follow the path of trying to lose the ego, so it must serve them in some way. But it seems to put them in a position where they are always viewing some of their parts as being separate, unappreciated, and unwanted. I need to understand what purpose that serves. Will they eventually know that they are whole?

Alana: Perhaps, and perhaps not. You may wish to think of it this way: we are vibration and we have a place in our being- ness that is a vessel. Some beings can only hold so much vibration. Those of you in this room—and now millions of people throughout the world—are collectively expanding your vibration. With your expanded natures, you can hold more tone and you can hold more essence.

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