Self Acceptance Through Self Awareness of Our Inner Parts

"As you are full, you will then assist others with their fullness."

Alana: If you want to create big, then be big. If you want to create abundance, then first be abundant yourself. Don’t leave out any of your parts. Embrace them all. They are all there within you for a reason. Even the parts that snap at your feet and say to you, “You are so stupid,” or “You have not been a good person,” or “You are selfish.” Embrace all of them because what they are intending is to keep you safe, nurture you, and find ways to serve you.

When your various aspects communicate—and they communicate in many ways—recognize that they have an intention. Their intention is to protect you. Their intention is to love you. Allow them, nurture them, and care for them. Babysit them until they have blossomed into fully balanced and expressive vibrations.

You will find that the parts that felt insecure or separate will feel comforted and nurtured when they feel accepted and loved. Then they will grow into full expressions. Know that inside of yourself you are goodness. Never fear what your parts will become. They will only become goodness within you as you nurture and care for them. They are good and you will be full. As you are full, you will then assist others with their fullness.

We have now blended giving and receiving.

As one gives, the other receives.

As one receives, it opens a door for them to give.

As they give, it opens a door for another to receive.

We now have harmony in the universe.

We now have the rhythm.

We now have the breath.

We now have the heartbeat.

Invite all of your parts to come out and play.

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