With Spiritual Awareness Awaken to Your Full Self Expression

"To create velocity in your life, you want to bring forth all of your parts and allow them to blend in harmonious ways."

Alana: Imagine that you are a big piece of pie. A yummy, yummy apple pie. Your purpose in life is to be eaten. Your purpose is to bring pleasure to those who are attracted to you and find you. Now, because you are this delicious apple pie, you are a blending of many ingredients. But what if you left out your apples, your flour, your butter, or your cinnamon? A cinnamon pie would just make you sneeze! Or imagine if you decided to leave out the cinnamon. What happens when a person walks by who loves cinnamon. They smell this apple pie but they don’t smell the cinnamon. What if you decided to leave out the ingredients that create a flaky crust, and then a person walks by who loves flaky crusts? They look at your pie but do not see a flaky crust. Or perhaps you decided to only put in a few apples and someone walks by who loves deep-dish apple pie. They will look at your pie with sadness because they do not see many apples.

I am communicating that by inviting all of your parts, or ingredients, you create a velocity, an intention, and become an incredible vibration. All who now see this pie will be asking, “Will this serve me?” When you have all the ingredients blended together in such a delicious way, someone will walk into the room and see this huge apple pie, so big, so plump, juicy, and oozing with incredible aromas and tastes. This pie is going to have to duplicate itself over and over again because every one who walks by is going to want this pie. And this pie will be so excited because its desire is to please many. It gets to duplicate and duplicate and duplicate. Here you have a very happy pie!

To create velocity in your life, you want to bring forth all of your parts and allow them to blend in harmonious ways. This is why the intention to know one’s self is so important. You want your beingness to become a symphony, a symphony co-creating internally so that you can co-create externally. So invite your ego, invite your mind, invite your heart, invite your body, invite your feelings, and invite your emotions.

Invite every aspect of your being and fuel them all with your spiritual awareness for full self authenticity. Wow!

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