Experiencing Your Ego in a Benevolent Universe

"Ego is the part of you that senses your human identity. It is the part of you that views your human individuality."

Kirk: I feel that many of the interpretations of the Bible and other sacred texts have been added to, changed, and deleted to further the goals of the control and power vibrations.

Alana: Yes, and this brings sadness to a benevolent universe. The benevolent universe did not intend for these communications to be translated in a way that does harm.

Kirk: The whole intention was liberation and freedom from the illusions of separation and scarcity that were co-created by the notions of power and control.

Alana: Yes. These deletions, distortions, and misinterpretations were a human co-creation. Humans decided to decipher and interpret through separation, limitation, and judgment. Humans have learned how to dig these holes really well. But guess what? You in this room, and millions of others throughout the world, are learning how to use your shovels wisely. You are learning to sense your feelings, discern what is important to you, and discover who you are.

Kirk: My immediate experience of the energy of Jesus—not the mental beliefs or historical “facts,” but my direct personal experience—is the same as my sense of anyone with whom I share a heart connection. I experience Christ-Consciousness as a dear and loyal friend. That has always been my experience and that is what continues to be healing for me.

Alana: A spiritual brother.

Kirk: (Singing) “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” (Laughter)

Barry: I have a question about ego. I am always confused as to what ego means. Alana you said to bring the ego along to play. If ego is a misperception of separation, then how does bringing my ego out to play assist me?

Alana: Your question, dear one, is delightful. Thank you. Ego is the part of you that senses your human identity. It is the part of you that views your human individuality. Why would we wish to leave this behind? Why wouldn’t we wish for it to feel safe? The way it feels safe is if it is allowed to come out to play and express, and then to be nurtured by your vaster self. So when you bring the ego out to play, you are saying, “I invite all aspects of my being to join in this journey of discovery.” The ego is then much softer and it is much more willing to relax. As it becomes softer and relaxes more, the ego can become a wonderful friend and assist your grand being.

Your ego can be very brilliant, it can be very resourceful, and it can assist you in manifestation. When a being becomes fully blended with all parts, and the parts are together cocreating, you have even more velocity from which to manifest. When you manifest from only a small percentage of your being, then your manifestations are less than what is possible by embracing your whole being. Do you see?

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