Misinterpretations of Bible Scriptures Cause Pain Rather than Opportunity for Healing

Kirk: A topic not too far into the future. I want to check one thing out regarding the Bible. There is a scripture that, when paraphrased, says if your right hand causes you to sin then cut it off. Given what we’re talking about, the verse doesn’t ring true to me. In the work that I do with individuals and groups, I never see cutting off or repressing anything as a solution. Instead, I invite my clients to get in touch with their inner self and discover the hidden essence of whatever desire, habit, behavior, or thought is causing the problem. Without exception, the fundamental intention of the energy was to move in a direction that appeared to be a solution when it was originally set up. The thought or behavior may be perceived as a problem now, but it was an attempt—usually unconscious—at finding a solution when it was first created.

For example, many people who have problems with anger or rage in their adult lives are covering up trauma and deep sadness from abuse that occurred in their childhood. They felt the problem of feeling powerless, helpless, and hopeless. As time passed, they created the solution—especially as they entered their teen years—of becoming rigid, closed, and angry. The solution to stop getting hurt then created a new problem: what happened as a result of their anger. To judge and try to cut off the anger, with no compassion for why it’s there, seems completely counterproductive to me. Could you go into the vibration of that scripture—not just in the Bible, but this thought form in general—and tell us what you feel is the essence of what actually wants to be communicated?

Alana: A misinterpretation happened through language. This statement feels like it was implying that if one hand is creative, impressionable, passionate, or indulgent, that it is best to not judge it (cut it off). But it became confused in the translation. It became that you must cut it off because you have been bad. What it actually meant was to allow yourself to find what the hand was searching for so that you can turn the behavior around, thus cutting off the limiting behavior through greater awareness.

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