Realizing the Power of Our Egos

"All-That-Is is so benevolent. When all of your parts are in harmony, desiring and expressing, becomes fun!"

Kirk: I think that many people have been well served by various belief systems because those systems can provide structure.

For example, if a person is not in touch with their heart, a set of doctrines might provide an ethical framework and practical guidelines for daily living. In addition, some groups offer a sense of community, opportunities to receive education, and a vehicle for helping one another.

Alana: Yes. It can serve them and serve others as well. It is a step.

Kirk: One of the things that doesn't work for me is when a given religious system says that they have the only true, right, just, authentic, God-ordained perspective. When I hear, "Ours is right, but yours is wrong," I run in the other direction as fast I can.

Alana: This is what I refer to as mental spirituality. The mind likes to separate. It is often stuck in either-or thinking. Your ego is your mental sense of who you are, your "I." Do you know why I invited you to watch your egos as our lunchtime exercise? Because your ego is the part that feels like it would die if you were to fully embrace your spirituality. Your ego exists within the illusion that it would die and be gone if it blended with your vaster self. So often your ego will fight to keep you separate.

Eventually, your ego will gain evidence that it is safe for you to identify with an expanded sense of who you are. As you become more broadly embraced in love and heart, your ego gets to come along and play. Eventually it realizes that it gets to be bigger and bigger—the ego likes that, you know—and as the heart and the mind become blended, the ego learns new ways to assist. It learns new ways to bring you joy. Then it feels much bigger, it has a bigger job. It becomes a cooperative team player. Then you transform from the illusion of separation to the nurture of wholeness, oneness. As you do, your ego realizes it is a cocreator with All-That-Is.

Why suppress the ego and make it go away? Why suppress the mind and make it go away? Why suppress the body and make it go away? Why suppress the feelings and emotions and make them go away? Why not bring them all to the party and play? We can listen to them all, see what they wish to contribute, and please them all.

All-That-Is is so benevolent. When all of your parts are in harmony, desiring and expressing, becomes fun!

Then you create an accelerated velocity. And this brings us to a future topic.

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