Breaking Free From Illusion: Allowing Your Mind to Trust Your Heart

" The illusion of separation from All-That-Is breeds the illusion of scarcity, blinding us from the self-evident truths of oneness and abundance."

Kirk: Yes. In contrast, at the center of many cultures on this planet, without getting into all the gory details, there has been a control-power vibration. If there are collective beliefs that we have a separate, distant, judgmental, punishing God, it is much easier to control the masses and get them to follow a direction. These thought forms usually include elite “middlemen” who have special privileges and direct access to God. The “common folk” must rely on these privileged, educated few to interpret for them what God is up to. It’s also the perfect environment to create a hierarchy of classes, including overt and veiled slavery, and an unfair distribution of resources.

Alana: Yes. This is an expression of separation and also includes the vibration of scarcity. The illusion of separation from All-That-Is breeds the illusion of scarcity, blinding us from the self-evident truths of oneness and abundance.

Kirk: I believe those illusions are part of what Jesus, as a revolutionary, was healing. He was offering a way to move beyond the beliefs about separation from God and any need for religious laws.

Alana: Yes. Jesus was letting you know that your consciousness is within you and your consciousness is what connects you to All-That-Is. Your mind can bring your consciousness to attention for a moment but your mind is incapable of bringing all that you are into full consciousness. Your mind is only a portion of who you are. But it can catch glimpses. It can have a sense, or a particle of knowingness. In other words an impression can be placed within your mind. This impression connects your mind to your heart. When your mind is connected to your heart, you will have trust. Trust is a willingness to be in your heart and to know love within you. When you connect your senses within your heart and align with the love that is within you, then you are able to connect with All-That-Is magnificently through your senses. Jesus wished to invoke a greater connection to this trust.

Even when you attain greater awareness and fill yourself with trust, your mind will still question. That is its job, you know. Your mind will pop up and say, “Gee, what is all of this that I am feeling? I am feeling so much, I must call it something.” Your mind will desire to label things, and it will look outside of you. That’s because your mind is connected to your vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and many other senses. It will look outside and grasp onto many labels. From this place, one’s truth is then comprised of mental labels, often found in the words of a book. So God must then be outside, like in a book, instead of inside. The mind has a need to look outside. So honor the mind’s need to look outside and label. Say, “Yes, God is in this book.” And, God is everywhere else too. God is the benevolent vibration of All-That-Is.

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