Co-Creation and Cause and Effect

"When we are disconnected from the source, our reactions become our creation."

Kirk: Alana, one of the prevailing deep assumptions in our collective belief system is the notion of cause and effect. That a person, place, or thing--let’s say, a person--can initiate an action, which causes an effect. For example, if I say to someone that their hair looks ugly and then they feel bad, I have caused them to feel bad and thus created a negative effect. Inversely, if I say to someone that their hair looks great and then they feel good, I have caused them to feel good and thus created a positive effect. Cause and effect. Would you help to clarify the distinction between co-creation and cause and effect?

Alana: Sure. Let’s say Sandy-being looks at you and makes a comment about your hair. (This is fun because I know of a time this actually happened with Kirk and Sandy.) Do you remember when Sandy looked at your new haircut and was quite surprised?

Kirk: Just so everyone knows the context of this story, I told the stylist not to dry my hair that day since I was just going to go home and take a shower. So my hair looked really weird. It was parted in the middle and stood straight up. Many people would have discerned that my hair looked very stupid! And I really didn’t care how it looked because I was going to jump in the shower.

Alana: Yes, you did not care... (Laughter)

Kirk: OK! Sandy hurt my feelings and caused me to feel bad!

Alana: How did Sandy-being hurt your feelings? Do you not think perhaps that you hurt your own?

Kirk: Keep going, Alana. (Smiling)

Alana: She did not say, “Oh Kirk, you look so handsome, let me run my fingers through your hair.” She looked at you and said, “Oh, you got your hair cut...” It does seem that Sandy-being hurt your feelings because when she looked at you, she had kind of a blank expression on her face.

Well now, Kirkstir, had you been firmly connected to your beautiful Source, you would have experienced that as a humorous co-creation. You would have said, “Oh, I love myself and Sandy-being just isn’t seeing how great my new haircut is.” But because you were disconnected and Sandy-being went, “Oh, you got your hair cut,” you heard her reaction. Therefore, the reaction became the creation. Yes, you co-created that because in that moment your being was not clear about your haircut.

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