Co-Creating Together Begins with Discernment and Turning Toward What Nourishes Us

"Take another step and then turn. Turn toward that which you choose to create."

Alana: Imagine that you have planted beautiful seeds in the ground and you wish to nourish them. Begin by identifying the seeds that you wish to take care of and dig with your judgment. But don’t stop there. Take another step and then turn. Turn toward that which you choose to create. As you turn, you are finally using your tool for what it was intended! Now you have discovered the power within discernment. Now when you begin to dig through judgment, you can begin to turn. As you turn, you discern.

Perhaps your seeds wish for irrigation or sunlight. As you dig, you turn toward a direction. Now you are digging in a direction. Eventually you will dig the most incredible irrigation ditch to water and nurture your beautiful seeds. They will flourish, they will grow, and they will expand. Then they will nurture you.

Realize that judgment is a beautiful tool to lead you to your essence, to your beingness, to that which is whole within you, to your individuality fully expressed. Judgment can lead you to your senses to...discernment. Through gratefulness for your senses, through benevolence and compassion, and by turning toward that which you choose to create, you will again be reunited with the remembrance of your wholeness. And through this you shall manifest.

Remember that when you judge, and then stop there, you get more of the same. But when you judge, and then turn towards that which you choose to create, you set into motion a new vibration. You are now honoring yourself. You are now honoring expression. You are now honoring creation. You are honoring co-creation.

So love your judgments and your parts that wish to judge. So often we have parts in us that speak so very loudly. They are very loyal. They will speak loudly until you begin to listen. If you do not listen, they will stamp their feet. They will be noticed one way or another.

As your parts judge you, and as you judge others, at some point you can say, “Let me be conscious of this judgment.” And as you become conscious, you will learn to discern. With discernment, you will nourish your parts and they will nourish you. You will discern how to turn toward light and feel your beingness. You will manifest love and joy rather than suppression and separation.

Judgment without awareness leads to more judgment and co-creating deep dark holes. Judgment with awareness leads to discernment and co-creating love and joy. Which would you rather have? Wouldn’t you rather look up and see the light shining on you, rather than keeping your head downward, unaware, digging a deeper and deeper hole, immersing yourself into the precious void without awareness?

Jackson: Profound.

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