Introduction: Part Two - The Seven Sacred Steps: A Practical Guide to Peace and Freedom

Kirk: Alana, would you like to start with an overview of the various steps we are going to discuss today?

Alana: Yes. Today we have for you “The Seven Sacred Steps.” The seven steps, or principals, found within today’s topic are really the key vibrations, the key frequencies, that assist us in creating our lives. They are what guide us in creating our reality, creating our world, and creating our universe. Within these seven steps are many subtopics. Alana has fun looking at these principals in a linear way because for Alana they are all blended and coexist together. Really there is only one true topic: there is only love. But for your minds to assimilate what creation is all about, we can break this topic into chunks. This way your minds can understand and will be able to absorb the concepts.

Alana would like to help you bring forth happiness in your life rather than staying within the habits of collective creation. Collective creation has been spinning, and has many times repeated itself. Well, guess what? The universe is ready because you are ready—as in many worlds—to create a new pattern of intention upon this precious planet. So today we bring forth these seven steps to peace and freedom in order to assist in creating heaven on Earth. Isn’t this good?

Group: Everyone responds positively.

Alana: I have a new definition for “good” that I would like to share. Know that the word “good” means to be filled with benevolence, bliss, desire, and creation. It has nothing to do with the vibration of good-bad or right-wrong. By good we mean essential goodness.

Kirk: Very good. So let’s dive in.

Alana: You would like to dive in? Great! Each time Sandy goes through the process of blending with Alana, we pick a fundamental energy. We choose either water, light, earth, or air. Today we picked the earth element because today is a good day to stay grounded. Don’t you think? Yes. If Alana blended with air we might become so weightless that we would float out of the room! This is especially true with the energy that we are going to invoke today. So we will blend with earth because we wish to have our feet on the ground. We want to be connected to this beautiful, benevolent planet and to create beauty within our world.

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