The Fourth Sacred Step: All is Co-Creation

“Why would we create judgment if it were meant to take us into darkness and keep us from remembering light? When we judge, we are trying to protect the seeds that we have planted. We are protecting our garden.”

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Greetings, and I hope you enjoyed your lunch. Kirk, what does food taste like?

Kirk: Well, I experience it as different than water and notice that it tends to be more solid, unless it is a liquid. (Laughter)

Jackson: You really hit the nail on the head there!

Alana: Well, Kirk, was that discernment or judgment?

Kirk: It was discernment. I know you are trying to trap me!

Alana: What a brilliant group!

Kirk: Ah, brilliance verses its opposite of “dullness.” Was that discernment or judgment?

Alana: Brilliance is a state of beingness. Is that discernment or judgment?

Kirk: My judgment is that it is discernment. (Laughter)

Alana: Isn’t it interesting how judgment and discernment are linked together? When you had your lunch today, did you notice judgment linking to discernment? Did you notice how easily it happened because you were centered and grounded? Did you notice that when you looked at the menu you went through a selection process? You were moving away from items and turning towards other items. Eventually when you chose what you wished to eat, you turned towards it and embraced it.

That brings us to the understanding that beautiful judgment is a necessity for our being. This is because judgment leads us to a process that becomes an incredible tool in helping us create what brings us happiness.

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