How to Find "Oneness"

"If we are all one—if what we see externally is also internal—then does it not make sense that if you scratch your nose your toe may feel it, too? "

Marsha: I have a completely different experience of We Are One, but it resonates with what you all are saying. More and more I am able to see this incredibly fine grid system that is in and among everything. It’s like seeing pulses of light that travel along a grid. It is very unusual. It is so obvious that we are all one because we are all part of this grid. What any one person thinks or does resonates through the whole grid. What a mechanical way for me to see this, but it is so very beautiful.

Kirk: Your description is similar to one of the ways Alana describes what she “sees.”

Marsha: Really?

Kirk: Yes. She describes things as their fundamental essence.

Susan: So when there is a ripple in one place, everything shifts?

Marsha: Yes. It’s like the tiniest, smallest thing just changes the whole.

Jackson: Right.

Kirk: When I first started to work with the Alana energy, I was surprised when she would make comments like, “All energies in the entire universe appreciate your profound contribution.” My logical mind would wonder how my seemingly small steps forward could make a contribution to anything, let alone everything. But all of the things we express or create have an effect on all levels.

Alana: Do you know why? Because everything outside of yourself is also you. Take a moment to feel this. The deeper you go inside, the farther you travel outside. The more you explore outside, the deeper you go within. If we are all one—if what we see externally is also internal—then does it not make sense that if you scratch your nose your toe may feel it, too?

Kirk: We Are One enriches the understanding of Love Yourself and Respect Others.

Alana: Yes. The principles are all interdependent because in a sense these three steps are also one.

Kirk: To sum up steps one and two, we can find what we value and need, continually fill ourselves, and express our love for others through fullness instead of self-sacrifice.

Alana: Yes, and also you can recognize that your mind, your beautiful, beautiful mind, will grasp this awareness and receive the knowledge as a glimmer of thought. Then soon thereafter it may forget this knowingness. And then the mind will respond by thinking, “But I am here and you are there. How is it that we are one when it seems obvious we are two or more?”

Then the mind will begin to remember, because it will reference your heart and begin to feel the essence of We Are One. It will go into the frequency of love that lies within you. It will feel the void, and it will create connection. Through your heart you will feel your inner well. This will be relayed to the mind. Then your mind will say to you, “Ah...I remember now.”

The nature of your being will strongly desire to remember and sense this connection once again. You will create awareness through outer manifestations of this concept, and they will remind you. Then once again the mind may forget. This is because the mind is not where we dwell. Our entire being is much vaster than our mind.

Because we measure through our mind, we are constantly circulating this thought pattern through our being. We are constantly moving about remembering, forgetting, remembering, and forgetting. Think of this like a heartbeat that has a rhythm that says, “Forget then remember and remember then forget. Remember then forget and forget then remember. I am one. I am two. Now that I am two, I remember I am one.”

This is the rhythm of the universe. Expansion and Contraction. Vastness and Emptiness. Fullness and Emptiness. Round and Square. Oneness and Nothingness. The rhythm is creation, expression, and reaction. If we did not have this rhythm perhaps we would not have fuel from which to create. Perhaps this rhythm and this vibration becomes our fuel. Now isn’t that a delightful thought?

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