Chapter Three - The Third Sacred Step: We Are One

“If we are all one—if what you see without is also within—then does it not make sense that if you scratch your nose your toe may feel it, too?”

Kirk: Welcome back, Alana.

Alana: Welcome back, everyone! Where did you all go?

Kirk: We went over to the now, Alana, but we are all back now. So is it time for us to discuss the third step?

Alana: Yes. Before Alana gives the introduction to We Are One, could we begin by sharing your perceptions of what the vibration of We Are One may mean to you? You can share an experience that you have had with this awareness if you like.

Alana is inviting participation. Who would like to express an experience where they felt the vibration, the knowingness, or the sense that We Are One?

Barry: I would like start.

Alana: Oh, thank you, dear one for your courage.

Barry: I had an experience on the subway in the Denver airport. I was looking at all these different people. Some were rough and scruffy, and others were professional and polished. In that moment I had this overwhelming sense that we were all one. In fact, I’m having it a little again right now. Each person in that crowded subway car was an aspect of me. It was really powerful. As soon as you asked if anyone wanted to share, this remembrance is what came flooding back to me. It was beautiful. I loved it.

Alana: Thank you so much. That was a very powerful moment. I have another example. Has anyone here ever felt this: you are going about your business and all of a sudden you feel so very good for no obvious reason? Or have you suddenly felt elated by something but you have no understanding of what it is? Has anybody had this type of experience? This experience is about connection. It describes a moment where you sense a glimmer of connectedness. And you, Barry, dear one, created this experience with those around you in their many forms mirroring this connection. Delightful. Who else wishes to share?

Jackson: Last night I was with a couple friends of mine who were recently married. We spent the evening together and watched a couple of movies and had a really great time. As I was leaving I was sensing there was some tension going on between one of my friends and me. I didn’t want to address it at the time because I didn’t think it was appropriate, so I left. As I was driving home and as I was getting ready to go to bed, I had this constant sense that we were continuing the interaction that I had been a part of that night. I kept feeling the two of them communicating to each other and talking about whatever they were talking about. I had this very strong sense that I hadn’t left but had just gone home and went to sleep.

Alana: Yes, that is grand!

Jackson: Every time I have ever had the perception of oneness, there has always been a sense of beauty.

Alana: Thank you, Jackson. Anyone else?

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