Filling Yourself with Self Love Creates Compassion

“If you are full, then you are like a rainbow, and a rainbow is a vibration that is never empty.”

Alana (cont.): Since you are full, you can now look deeply into this individual. They will sense your nonverbal connection as you are having compassion for the part of them that feels scared and afraid and wants to be adored. Then you may ask them, “What is it that I can do to support you?”

However, they may say in return, “I wish you would go away.” Or they may say, “Would you please hold me compassionately?” Or perhaps, “Could you hear me out?”

You must remember that their response is about them. It is also possible that they may say, “I want to sit in silence with you.”

Now you can ask yourself if you can do this without suppressing your joy. Can you do this willingly? Then you can exhale and gently allow your breath to flow back in, aligning with your mantra and repeating it to yourself, recognizing that you are full. You can use the mantra of, “I am whole. I am one. I am love” or anything else that works for you.

If you are full, then you are like a rainbow, and a rainbow is a vibration that is never empty. Because you are this rainbow, because you are full, it will be so easy to look at this other person with compassion and love. As you remember that you are a rainbow, you can say, “What is it that you need?”

Because they like red, they may wish for some of the red within your rainbow. Now you can easily bless them. Bless them so that they may be comforted. As you bless them, you are also blessing yourself. This is because what you give to another you are also co-creating for yourself. If you dishonor another, you are dishonoring yourself. All is connected.

I can hear all of you in this room saying to yourselves, “Wow, Alana-being, this is a lot to remember in one moment!” Alana wants to remind you how magnificent you are. Realize how vast you truly are. If you practice self-love, you will easily be able to do this. This will become an automatic step in your daily life. Through practice it becomes easier and easier. You gather evidence along the way that this is a path to peace and happiness.

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