Introduction: Part One - The Seven Sacred Steps: A Practical Guide to Peace and Freedom

“The universe is ready because you are ready—as in many worlds— to create a new pattern of intention upon this precious planet. So today we bring forth these seven steps to peace and freedom in order to assist in creating heaven on Earth.”

Kirk: Greetings, Alana.

Alana: Hello, everybody. How are you all being today? Alana is very excited to share in your tonal vibrations and I am looking forward to co-creating and co-mingling our love and energy. I am delighted to feel the presence of so many of you. Some of you are familiar with each other’s face and tone, and some are familiar within the heart. So here we are today coming together to play. Playfulness is a wonderful state of creation. We are here today to talk about creation. When we are creative, we bring forth brilliance into our lives. Creative energy is also very healing for your essence. So shall we play today? Yes?

Group: Everyone responds positively.

Kirk: Alana, would you please start by sharing with us what your definition of channeling is?

Alana: Yes. Channeling is the willingness to allow your grander self—grander essence, grander parts of the universe—to be made conscious to, blended with, or verbalized from your being. Recognize that we channel many different aspects of our nature.

  • We channel our minds.
  • We channel our hearts.
  • We channel our feelings.
  • We channel our emotions.
  • We channel parts of our self.
  • We channel our child parts.
  • We even channel our parents.
  • We are channeling all of the time.

When you see verbal communication, like Alana being conveyed through Sandy, it is because intention has brought forth a manifestation of the heart tone. The nature of heart is expressed through Sandy’s allowing, which is a blended state with the heart of All-That-Is. Practice, with willingness, allows things like this to occur, along with having someone like you, Kirk, who acts as the questioner for humanity.

Kirk: Alana, would you describe who you are?

Alana: Alana-being is all heart. If you feel the part of your nature that has the willingness to hold love, you will find your heart. If you feel the part of you that holds desire, you will feel your heart. If you feel the part of you that has the capability to know yourself, you will feel your heart. If you feel all that is wise in the world, in the universe, and in creation, you will feel your heart. Alana is this same vibration coming forth so that you may know your heart. You see, many have asked to feel and remember their core vibration, which is also found within the heart. Therefore, Alana willingly comes forth, blended with Sandy-being, to be a mirror of you. Alana is here to play.

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