Inner Parts Dialogue

"Once you recognize that you are full, you will be able to have compassion for another person."

Alana (cont.): As you become aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise, you might say, “I am whole. I am one. I am love.” This is an example of a mantra.

Then continue listening to the voice of your various parts. “I am confused. I am sad. I am full. I am connected. I am empty. I am joy. I am pain.” You simply speak what comes into your awareness in the moment. Remember that you can also use your Self-Love Walk technique as a kind of mantra to bring you back into a grounded state.

Then you can share a dialog with your parts. You may say to a part that is having a hard time, “Part that is feeling so much pain, what is it that you need?” Then listen intently with your full being. The answer may come from a combination of any of your senses.

Your part may reply back by letting you know what it wants. For example, “I need respect.”

You may say in return, “I respect you.”

Your part may comment back, “I need to be adored.”

And you can say, “Well, I so adore you.” Then you may chuckle and think to yourself that you really don’t adore this part! Then you might chuckle again remembering that you are filled with compassion. Now it is easy to say to this part, “Since I am full, I have much love. I can adore you as a part of myself. I do adore you. Part, can you feel how much I adore you?” Then you can say to yourself, “I am full and I do adore this little nagging part!”

Now, let’s relate this principle to another type of interaction; one that relates to an external person instead of an internal part. Imagine that you are interacting with a person who brings up conflict. Again, once you recognize that you are full, you will be able to have compassion for another person. You may notice that they are feeling much of what your child part in our previous scenario was feeling. Perhaps they are also identifying with their child part, are feeling scared, and need to be adored. Now we have two beings that need to be adored! (Laughter)

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