Universal Perspective on Getting Our Needs Met

"Respecting others, allowing others to be themselves, means that you also allow yourself to be yourself."

Alana: Here is another possible way Alana can imagine how needs may get met. Imagine that you are accumulating credit on a cosmic credit card. As more compassion exudes from your being, for yourself and for others, you begin to gather points. Since the universe loves to give back, it looks for ways to give this energy back to you. But it is not necessarily in the way that your mind will see it. Your mind might say, “Sandy is helping Susan today. Therefore, Susan is going to drive Sandy to the store tomorrow.” But guess what? Susan may be busy tomorrow. So Sandy might not get her need met through Susan. Nevertheless, Sandy can still be delighted since Susan will be taking care of herself the following day filling the need that she has.

A little later Dottie calls to say, “Let’s go play today, Sandy. What would you like to do? I would like to get together with you.” You see, the energy comes back. It is impossible for it to stay away from you. It will be delivered. It comes in many different ways. Your minds can learn to recognize that possibility exists without having to have all the answers or everything all figured out.

The more that you allow everyone to be where they are, the more you nurture yourself. The more you love yourself and know yourself, the more you have to give to others. These two realizations are elements of co-creation. They allow the connection of all things to interrelate and be with full expression. Why would you want to suppress another? Why would you want to hold them back from their delight, from their experience, or from their pain? Because when you do, you only get a portion of them. Why would you just want a small piece of their expression when you could embrace their entire being, which radiates their vibration? So respecting others, allowing others to be themselves, means that you also allow yourself to be yourself. It is a grand world we have here.

Are you vibrating yet? Does this bring a dilemma or any confusion?

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