Respecting Another Through Acknowledgement

"We are often so absorbed in a reactive way that we forget to acknowledge others."

Alana: Well, this is what we do, you know. We are often so absorbed in a reactive way that we forget to acknowledge others and say, “How are you today? What are you feeling? How can I support your well-being?” We forget to fill our being, so that we can clearly connect with another.

Let’s continue with a possible answer we may hear when we engage with this person from an ungrounded place (telling them we need them to drive us to the store right away so we can spend our money). They may surprise us and reply, “But I need your money. Give me all of your money!” Well, that is a possibility, isn't it? So what do you do in that moment? It’s very useful to go within and check inside yourself. Check within and listen to what your nature wishes to tell you.

Next you may say to yourself, “Gee, today I only have a dollar in my wallet! Hmmm. This person asked me for all my money and I need to go to the store and spend my dollar. How can I give this person my last dollar?” Well, perhaps you can remember that this is not the only person that can drive you to the store. You can remain empowered and say to yourself, “Okay, I know that my desire today is to go to the store and spend my dollar. That is my desire. That is my value, what is important to me. That is my wish. Let me hold that in my knowingness.”

Now that you have checked into the moment, and felt your truth, you can speak from your heart to the person who wants your dollar and say, “Dear one, you are asking for my last dollar. I understand that right now you have a dilemma. You would like my money.” Then you continue, “Well, what is it that you’re needing?”

They may be very adamant and say, “I really want your dollar.”

You could reply to that by asking, “What is it that you need?”

They may say, “I need a dollar and I thought I would get it from you.”

You can repeat yourself and ask again, “But what is it that you need?”

Next they may answer, “I just need to know that people care about my well-being.”

Ah, now we are getting somewhere. You can then reply, “What is it that I can do for you besides giving you my dollar?”

Then he or she may say, “Perhaps a hug would do.”

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