The Velocity of Our Thoughts

"God gives us more of what we think. More of what we fuel with our velocity of energy."

Kirk: There is a prevalent concept of God that assumes that if we have a need, God will magically change things and fix the problem. For example, in our Bob and Betty scenario, they might ask God to solve the problem and then God would go in and make Bob and Betty love themselves and each other. Of course, then God would be to blame if it didn’t work out. I hear you saying that God—the collective energies of all universes that you sometimes refer to as All-That-Is—loves us by respecting our free will, our ability to intend, and mirrors back whatever we are creating in the moment.

Alana: Yes. God gives us more of what we think. More of what we fuel with our velocity of energy.

Kirk: Someone might say, “If God is love, then God would give me what I need, not more of where I’m stuck. I am like a record with a scratch on it. I keep skipping as I go around and around, playing the same old stuff. If God really loved me, God wouldn’t give me more of the skipping. God would help me.”

Alana: Ah ha, you are forgetting that you are a co-creator!

Kirk: Indeed. I think it would be great to practice our “Self- Love Walk.” How does that sound, Alana?

Alana: That sounds wonderful.

Exercise: The Self-Love Walk

Kirk: For everyone who would like to participate now, go ahead and stand up. As you do, feel Mother Earth supporting you beneath your feet.

Let’s take a moment to gently stretch a little, since we’ve been sitting for a while.

Next, breathe all the way out...and then easily allow the air to return fully to your lungs. There is no need to force your inhalation. Simply exhale slowly, fully, and comfortably...that’s right...and then relax your muscles, allowing the air to return on its own.

Now, lets slowly walk. With each step, affirm something for which you are grateful. Simply allow the thoughts to arise in your mind, and then speak them out as you do.

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