An Exercise - "Taking the Self-Love Walk"

“Thank you for the feeling.”

Kirk: I have a suggestion. I would like to practice this walking exercise—let’s call it the “Self-Love Walk”—after we review a few of the principles.

Alana: Okay. This is exciting. You get to feel a beautiful velocity of energy building from self-love.

Kirk: There is one little trick in here I would like to reemphasize. If someone finds that something comes up that they would label in a polarity sense as negative (versus positive), the approach is to allow it and know that it is leading you somewhere.

It is not about repressing so-called “negative” thoughts and forcing yourself to be “positive.” It’s also not about having to focus on “negative” thoughts in order to have the process be useful. As you walk, you simply allow whatever comes up and you say...

Alana: You say, “Thank you for the feeling.”

Kirk: Something really interesting happens when we can be thankful for the feeling. By the way, “being thankful” does not mean that whatever is coming up is good-bad or right-wrong. These kinds of judgments have literally frozen many thoughts and feelings within us.

As we walk and allow thoughts and feelings to arise, we begin to unfreeze, acknowledge, release, and create.

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