Learning to Love From the Inside Out

"We have strayed so far from knowing and loving ourselves from the inside out."

Kirk: Many psychologists have stated that much of our self-image comes from our early years. At a deep level we decided “who we were” by school tests and grades, how fast we ran, how quickly and accurately we remembered facts, what kinds of clothes we wore, what color our skin was, how well we could stay on key musically, what kind of neighborhood we lived in, etc. It seems that most of these evaluations were derived from our external performance compared to others. Many of us grew up in a system of rewards and punishments based in winning or losing.

Alana: Yes. That is part of a collective belief system. That is very much so. We have learned who we are from measuring ourselves from the external.

Kirk: As you were offering ways for us to develop self-love, I noticed that the suggestions you were giving were not about my grade point average, or whom I socialize with, or what my income level is, or how much I weigh.

Alana: Yes. It is very foreign culturally to consciously create our self-image by practicing self-love through internal referencing. We have strayed so far from knowing and loving ourselves from the inside out. And this is why it is so tricky, you know. However, it has always been our intention to express ourselves externally by knowing who we are internally. This is why when Alana speaks of self-love, the mind goes blank to some degree. Loving yourself is a great quest.

Think about it this way. You are all adventurers and all of you desire to do something very profound. Guess what this could be? Through self-love, you are all here today to begin creating a new vibration upon this planet. I am not saying that this will be easy. However, I am saying for you to say that it could be easy. There is a possibility that it could come without effort. And guess what? Once you feel it, once you ignite that spark, you will begin to ignite a magnificent bonfire.

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