Is there anything wrong in remaining single during one's lifetime?

How does one go about letting go of someone that they love so deeply and for so long, that they gave their all to, because "friends" is not all that they want?

My boyfriend and I have been having a lot of problems with our relationship. He has physically abused me twice in one month. He currently lives with me and I have asked him to leave. I want to know if I have made the right decision concerning this matter. (4 minutes, 29 seconds)

I have a male friend who seems to care about me. He runs hot and cold saying he wants friendship but acts like he wants more. He is aware that I care about him and it seems that just when he starts to let down his guard, he pulls back. (4 minutes, 01 seconds)

I have been married to my husband for 11 years, for 6 of them he was abusive. When I was ready to walk out, he told me he had a problem and needed help. My heart was already in the hands of another man. I thought he really loved me...Why won't my subconscious let go of something that was so destructive to me? (5 minutes, 37 seconds)

Will my husband and I stay together marriage wise after all these years of challenges and changes? Thank you. (2 minutes, 28 seconds)

I'm in love with a man who is absolutely wonderful to me, when I see him. Unfortunately, that is not very often, because he is married. I really love him, but will I ever be married? And if so, will it be him, and will it be soon? (3 minutes, 49 seconds)

I recently fell in love with a man for the first time in my life. He closed the door on our relationship, but I can't. I want to be with him. If I don't make the first attempt, will he ever again contact me? I don't want to pursue him if he doesn't want me. (4 minutes, 46 seconds)

My wife says she no longer loves me and did not want to marry me even though it was her who pursued me. We have a child and I am sad that I will lose him and feel cheated by my wife. Please advise the best way to go forward. (4 minutes, 43 seconds)

I need your help regarding my Jewish friend whom I met almost two months ago. Our friendship grew very vast and now he is gone. What was the purpose of our meeting? Will I ever see him again? I miss him so much. (4 minutes, 24 seconds)

Do you see a mate coming into my life? If so, does he live in this area or in another part of this country where the air is not so polluted and the weather is moderate. (2 minutes, 24 seconds)

My sweet daughter has been in a co-dependent relationship for almost 7 years. She is now almost 25. They are both alcoholic. My prayer is to release her to her highest and best. Any advice or comments you can give to me would be greatly appreciated. (3 minutes, 49 seconds)

Will my friend become involved in a long term love relationship? If so will he relocate to my area? And will we be financially successful? (2 minutes, 49 seconds)

What was the purpose or the lesson I was to get from a brief relationship? (3 minutes, 24 seconds)

I have been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 25 years. I have tried to make it work, but after all this time I am giving up. Meanwhile I have met this wonderful young man who has helped me through all this. Because I haven't left yet, my friend will no longer talk with me. (6 minutes, 12 seconds)

I have been in a friendship and it has developed into a beautiful connection. Then he began to say that I made him uncomfortable because he doesn't know what to expect. (4 minutes, 11 seconds)

The main influence in my life has been from a man born 12-22-60; he has brought me great joy but mostly pain. We have a beautiful son together. I released him from my life 2 years ago and my son also went with him. Now 2 years later they are back. I am afraid to love again and have a great fear to trust again. (4 minutes, 57 seconds)

I am wondering if my relationship of love of many years is going to terminate in this year. (3 minutes, 58 seconds)

I was seeing someone for about 5-1/2 months. We were intimate but for some odd reason beyond me he won't have anything to do with me now. (7 minutes, 58 seconds)

Alana, is it true that in relationships opposites attract? (1 minutes, 47 seconds)

I have been friends with this guy since forever, but over the last year I have taken a liking to him. (3 minutes, 21 seconds)

Will my boyfriend come back to me? (7 minutes, 23 seconds)

I am currently drawn to someone who I feel that I have a connection with and I feel has the same feelings. But the trouble is it's very difficult because of who he is and the obstacles involved. (5 minutes, 13 seconds)

Dear Alana, As you cast about in the universe, would you please offer me some insights about my next steps? It seems that I am still questioning my relationship with my partner and wondering what choice I will make. Can you help? (5 minutes, 4 seconds)

How long will my current relationship last? (3 minutes, 20 seconds)

Dear Alana, I have been dating a fellow for about two and a half months. I am feeling more and more attached and am finding myself becoming a bit anxious.

My question is about relationships. I seem to continue attracting the same type of man into my life: Emotionally unavailable!

I'm wondering how to become more aware of the dynamics of emotions within a relationship?

Dear Alana, can you tell me what happens to certain men that they become emotionally unavailable? Why are some of us attracted to them? (4 minutes, 46 seconds)

I am torn between two women. Are there any aids to help in the understanding of how to "follow my heart"? I need some understanding on how to read my heart ... any books, feed back is greatly appreciated. (4 minutes, 59 seconds)

How do you open your heart again when you feel it is risky to do so? (1 minute, 47 seconds)

What can I do to improve the communication between myself and my husband. Sometimes I feel we can't discuss anything without arguing. I have grown spiritually so much in the past year, but he is the only one that can still push my buttons. (4 minutes, 18 seconds)

I have an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that our daughter has moved so far away. My husband and I ideally wanted to have our family around. Unfortunately we both have made ourselves rather sick and sad over the situation. (4 minutes, 20 seconds)