Numerology Six Personal Year: Service and Creativity

The Six Personal Year in Numerology is one that highlights your many relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and community. There is a focus on "response-ability" and a desire to be of service. This is a wonderful time to really become aware of self-love and connection. When you are nurtured ,you are more apt to be balanced in the area of giving and receiving. Since love and passion are highlighted, your creativity is also enhanced. This energy can outflow into creative, home, and humanitarian endeavors.

This is a wonderful year to examine how you can improve the quality of your many different types of relationships. Identify any weaknesses or breakdowns in your relating. Ask yourself how you could take steps to enliven and enrich your relationships. Often it is through giving that we in turn receive what we need the most. Your heartfelt intention to share and be open can make a huge difference in the quality of your relating, therefore transforming your relationships.

This is magical time to add beauty to your life. You can do this on many different levels. On a personal level, you may wish to acquire some new clothes. Perhaps a makeover would be ideal; for example, a new hairstyle. You might even want to buy something creative or beautiful for your home to brighten your space or make it more colorful. These are actions of self-love and they can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and in turn how others receive you. You may also want to donate clothes you have outgrown or haven't worn, or household items that you no longer use. This action step is a win-win for you and for others too.

This is also a perfect year to take a creative class or join a support group of some kind. You could center this activity around a creative outlet or relationship building skills. Both may stimulate your creativity and as well as help in building community. This action may even help you financially because your creativity could yield rewards. By extending your circle of influence, you can share in the giving and receiving of energy.

Nature loves to fill our senses, and in turn can provide nurturing fuel for us. You may want to see if you "have a green thumb" (enjoy working with plants). You can simply buy a few new houseplants or even plant a garden. Another way to connect with nature is to spend time with a pet. Whether it's a pet that lives with you, or one who belongs to a friend or neighbor, spending times with these beings can bring a wonderful exchange of love.

Sometimes when passion and creative energy are high, so are our desire to indulge. During your Six Year notice your attachment to food, and take steps to eating healthy, balanced, and nourishing meals. This is a health conscious year, and an aspect of service is becoming aware of how to take care of yourself on all levels. Therefore, take steps to develop good eating habits to avoid throwing your body out of balance this year. 

Communication is also highlighted this year. Skills in this area help to build healthy relationships. Similar to a Two Personal Year, we learn that how we relate to others can make a big difference in the wellbeing of our relationships. Become a good listener and communicator of your feelings and needs. This way you can tell the truth as fast as you can and have more fun per minute!

This is also a great year to write yourself a love letter! Really! By writing yourself a love letter, and actually mailing it to your address, you may learn something about yourself. Notice how you feel when you read it too. Think of it this way: you are sending an example out to the universe of what you would like to receive!

In a Six Personal Year, since it is also a time of service, spend time volunteering for a cause that is aligned with your personal mission, values, and goals. What humanitarian contribution would you like to make during the year that would enliven you--make you feel really good--and benefit others?