Numerology Five Personal Year: Progress and Freedom

The Five Personal Year in Numerology gives you an opportunity to reap the rewards and realize the progress you've made during the last four years. Therefore, opportunities come your way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. In the event that you hold resistance, changes can come that will catapult you forward. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Sometimes relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted.

Take time to acknowledge how hard you have worked the last four years. Acknowledge your perseverance, attitudes, belief changes, hard work, practice of self-love, and focus on your hopes and dreams. One way to do this could be to create a picture album of the last four years, telling the story of your life. Or you can simply make a list of events, activities, accomplishments, and realizations as you reflect on the first half of your nine-year cycle.

It may be time to plan a little trip for yourself this year too. It could be a simple small outing, a series of outings, or even a more extensive trip. You have earned it!

Improve a room in your home so that it is more suitable for new projects that you may want to begin. Changes are evident right now. By creating a way to be more flexibility in your home and workspace, it will help you attract more opportunities.

It might be time to take up a new form of movement or exercise. Find something that you feel is fun and stimulating. You might buy some new music to listen. Movement therapy and breath therapy can really help move energy and help you create the flexibility that this year calls for. Take advantage of the many benefits the year wishes to bring.

This is a wonderful time for reunions with family and friends in other areas. It's also a great time for making new friends, locally or across the globe. You could create a pen-pal, or perhaps you may find that long distant relationships with loved ones highlight the year. This is a year to expand your sense of what is possible. Often by sharing and connecting with people in other areas, or even other cultures, you expand your sense of possibility.

Take a risk! Submit an idea or something you've worked on--perhaps a creative project that you've enjoyed--to a publication or a community based project. You are expanding your horizons to include yourself in more opportunities!

Reflect on the connectedness of all things. It is said that we are only six people removed from any person on earth. Each person on our planet shares many of the same needs. Notice what connects us, and what we have all have in common. This is a wonderful way to fuel your hopes and dreams because it expands away any sense of limitation. By becoming more conscious of the inner-connection of all things, you become more open to receive.

Assess you current goals and life mission. Acknowledge what you accomplished during the last four years, and what you are still working toward. Recreate your goals, reflect on how they fit in your life now, and recommit yourself to what you want to create. Next, define baby steps that may help you get there. Ask yourself where you can take some calculated risks that can open new doors. Remember to allow for miracles, and not to be too attached to each step. Allow the universe to bring you wonderful surprises.