Numerology Four Personal Year: Form and Focus

The Four Personal Year in Numerology represents organization, continued development, and focus. You may feel a bit restricted in some ways this year, but keep in mind that rewards from your applied efforts lie just ahead. You are asked to be resourceful and to expand your preconceived limitations. This is a foundation year, so you may actually complete many of the "loose ends" (uncompleted projects) in your life.

You are also creating a solid personal inner foundation. You may want to do some weeding and feeding in the belief department! Write a long list of all the beliefs you have about yourself. Make one list for the positive beliefs and one for the negative beliefs. See how many you can come up with.

Look at the negative beliefs first. Ask yourself if they continue to serve you. If so, keep them on your list. (We will get to them in a minute.) If not, acknowledge that you thought of them, make a decision to let those thoughts go, and then cross them off your list.

Now acknowledge the beliefs that you really like about yourself! Next to these beliefs write a examples of where you see these qualities in your life. Celebrate them and give yourself some acknowledgment since these beliefs are part of your solid foundation.

Address the beliefs that you view as negative. Look for a common thought throughout them. See if you can narrow these beliefs down into one or two negative beliefs. Next, write a present tense positive affirmation that turns this statement into a positive attribute. The purpose of this statement is to support you in changing your belief. This becomes your new affirmation. If you are unfamiliar with working with affirmations, Affirmations - Your Passport to Happiness by Anne Marie Evers is a book to get you started.

After a time that feels good to you, tackle another limiting belief by creating another affirmation. You are essentially restructuring the old beliefs that no longer serve you by transforming the energy that holds the old beliefs in place. Notice throughout the year that your inner foundation is strengthening with the new beliefs. You'll find that your new beliefs are much more accurate in relation to who you truly are today.

Take some time to also examine your environment. This is a good time to eliminate clutter, clean house, and rearrange the spaces in which you live and work. Let go of the things you have outgrown. Feng Shui can assist you in this process. An easy and helpful guidebook is, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, by Karen Rauch Carter.

You may also want to invest in some new "tools" to help you make progress in your life. No matter what field of endeavor you are undertaking, there are tools that can make the job more enjoyable, easier, and more efficient. Your Four Personal Year is about creating your foundation. Building a foundation requires lots of digging, building forms, mixing and pouring concrete, removing forms, and filling in the dirt. If you've tired of using only a shovel and wheelbarrow, consider upgrading to a tractor, power saw, nail gun, and cement mixer! As you create the foundation of your life, what "tools" would you like to invest in?

Continue to practice self-love. Find things you can do that engage yourself in nature. Exercise and contact with nature will help sustain your foundation. Also pay attention to your diet and what you eat. A healthy body supports a sound mind.

Finish up a projects that you started a while back. Completion, patience, and persistence are very important this year. Consider adding physical things that can give you additional support in you home, such a a new desk or better lighting. Remember to maintain the balance from your Two Personal Year and express the joy and enthusiasm that you discovered last year.