Numerology Three Personal Year: Expression and Enthusiasm

The Three Personal Year in Numerology wants to expand your life and draw opportunity to your awareness. It brings increased activity and a strong desire to express. Enthusiasm moves into the picture. You may find yourself quite busy with more social interaction. Seeds can be planted in the hearts and minds of those around you. If you become confused by too many directions, pick the one that excites you the most as joy is a key ingredient in the inherent energies of a Three Personal Year. Expression and creativity are really highlighted.

Look for ways to contribute and interact in the world by becoming an example of your personal mission. This is a time for the sharing yourself with others. You are meant to extend your unique expression more into the world.

Network with others in areas where you have interests. You never know where the contacts you make will lead you. Be positive and optimistic as you plant seeds for your future.

Join a club or take a class. Comingle with others and make new friends. Improve your social life. Find ways to fill yourself with inspiration. Add some pleasure to your life, especially if you have been lacking this type of nurturing energy.

Find new ways to express yourself or further develop your creativity. There are many things you can do. Here are some possibilities to stimulate your imagination: Audiotape your voice by reading a story or singing a song. Write a poem, story, or even a series of stories. Dabble in art; perhaps make a collage. Listen to some new kinds of music. Take a voice class. Join a group where you can practice public speaking. Basically, find fun and enjoyable ways to express yourself that bring new levels of confidence.

Share your enthusiasm. We all have something that interests us that we like to share with others. Teach someone something you are good at or enjoy doing. It is important to reach out into the world and share yourself in your Three Personal Year.

Create a new affirmation for yourself with a focus on expressing. Remember to keep your affirmations "present tense active." An example is: "The more I express who I am, the more love I receive," or, "As I am expressing what makes me happy, others naturally support my dreams."

Acknowledge the beauty of nature. Spend some time examining the abundance that lies in nature. Look for ways that abundance is also expressed in your life. Since a Three Personal Year wants to expand your sense of possibility, nature is a natural teacher.

Contribute something you create to a friend, loved one, or worthy cause. Volunteer work is ideal, because it not only adds happiness to your life, it also contributes to the lives of others.

Notice how the momentum of the last two years is beginning to bud into a new foundation in your life. This year's expressive expansion will help you build a solid foundation in your coming Four Personal Year.