Numerology Two Personal Year: Balance and Patience

The Two Personal Year in Numerology requires cooperation and patience. You are asked to continue with the development of what you initiated in your One Personal Year. Balance is a key factor as you utilize time as a tool to help you further advance your goals and aspirations. Much is happening on the inner realms. Therefore, a step-by-step approach enables you to move forward. Relationships are also an area of focus throughout the year, as you learn about co-creative energy.

Reassess your previous year. Ask yourself what areas of your life brought you joy last year. What areas were challenging? Make a list of last year's joys and challenges. Some items may represent things you need to let go of to further advance, while others are areas that need more patience and application.

Identify more ways to continue doing the things that were purposeful and joyful in your One Personal Year. Add these to your list. Begin fitting these joys into your schedule. By taking this action, you are making conscious steps to include more opportunities to feel joyful, which will help you balance your life.

Last year's challenges wanted to point you toward your dreams and goals. Ask yourself what would help you improve these challenging areas. For example, perhaps you can take a class, develop new capabilities, or make some new friends. Look for ways to empower yourself. Building your knowledge, skills, and relationships are only a few of the ways that you can bring more balance into your life by dancing with your challenges.

Practice patience, especially with yourself. This is a year where more is happening on the inner realms than the outer realms. Having patience will allow the things you initiated in your One Personal Year time to grow and develop.

Continue to improve your relationships. Look for the deeper heartfelt intention behind the actions of friends, loved ones, and coworkers. Practice your communication skills, both listening and expressing. Find ways to help others and remember to ask for help when you need it.

As in last year, take time to nurture yourself. Self-love is the fuel that promotes happiness. It helps you heal and provides a basis for wellness. Examine your wellness plan, and make sure you are getting enough rest, exercise, nutritious food, pure water, and social interaction.

Practice gratefulness. By acknowledging what you are grateful for, you create a clear message of what you want more of. Doing so creates momentum. Since this year may appear to be more slowly paced year than last year, remind yourself that things aren't always as they appear!