Past Lives & Reincarnation

The man I love is third generation Chinese and I am white. His mother has had other ideas and about 4 years ago began working over time to break us up. She has almost convinced him to marry someone of his own race. I have had a sense that we have done this in other lifetimes. (6 minutes, 22 seconds)

I feel I'm incredibly drawn to the Celts although I'm of a Phoenician heritage. How can I know if I was a Celt in a past life or anything else? (2 minutes, 07 seconds)

I have this fear of suddenly not being able to breathe and dying. Could it be something from a past life that I am remembering? (2 minutes, 20 seconds)

I have met this young man whom I have been drawn to deeply. I have been told that we have very strong, huge karma together, past lives. Is there a way you can tell me about this? Would you know? (4 minutes, 34 seconds)

Alana, is part of the purpose of this life for me to heal karmic issues with my mother?

How can we take advantage of talents that we may have had in a past life?

Assuming our spirits return time and again, is there a genetic connection? Who we are, were, will be--is it random?

What is Karma? (2 minutes, 25 seconds)