The Guide to the Other Side

Part 9: Do our Spirit Guides sometimes take human form?

Kirk: Greetings, Alana. In this segment of the Guide to the Other Side we have a very interesting question about angels and spirit guides taking human form. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to share with us on this subject. Here is the question.

Question: Can a spirit guide take the form of a human? I believe I have met my spirit guide in person.

Alana: Well, yes, a human can act as a guide and a spiritual mentor. When a person aligns with a wise, loving soul who empowers them, they may be connecting with a caring and aware person. Or, they may be engaging with an angelic being who is currently incarnated in a human body.

On this planet, there are currently many angelic spirits who have incarnated into a body to be present during these amazing times. Most of us have interacted with a person with an angelic soul.

Many angelic beings come into a body and then leave at an early age. There are also many angelic spirits who have come into a body with physical limitations and disabilities to teach humanity many things. They often provide brilliant examples for how to embrace our wholeness even if our body has difficulties in the physical world. At times, angelic spirits will blend with a human's energy field. Then the person will be urged to say something at just the right time--to convey a message to the listener that they need to hear. Indeed, angelic vibrations can show up within human nature and act as spirit guides.

Angelic spirits sometimes incarnate in waves to help raise the consciousness on the planet. Often they are born into families where they feel very different from their relatives. Sometimes they find themselves in difficult life situations. Their human nature can often become confused when they look at their life and surroundings. They often have to learn how to be in a body and effectively live in the earth plane. Yet, their all-knowing higher self knows that their true intent for being here is to shine light--regardless of their difficulties--to help bring more light vibrations into the denser energies which still exist here on earth.

There are also those who believe that an angelic spirit is an entirely different vibration than humans. They feel that an angel would never descend into a physical form. Nonetheless, the world is asking for angelic intervention to help uplift human consciousness. Humankind wants to learn how to be more spiritually awake while being physically incarnated. It makes sense that angelic helpers would find a way to answer this call; that they would be willing to incarnate in a body and become mentors and light bearers for our times. Often, just the presence of an angelic spirit will shift the consciousness of those around them. Even without their human nature understanding what they are up to. As you may have noticed, there's a lot going on during these times, and on many different levels.

Kirk: I've learned that the angelic beings that are currently incarnated in human form are here to serve. They bring great light to whatever environments they are in. I'm wondering if they have the purpose of bringing light, and that their soul may also desire to learn and grow by being in this earth plane.

Alana: Most definitely. A soul can always learn, and it can always expand. Some people have a philosophy that angels do not have souls as humans do. This is a misinterpretation, because a soul is a part of all that is, just as an angel is a part of all that is. All that is has a soul, so why wouldn't angels also have a soul?

Kirk: I've personally been privileged to help many angels in the healing and coaching work I do. It took me a few years to recognize angelic spirits. Now they're immediately obvious to me. I had to develop new techniques to work with them, in order to help them on their journey. Before we close, do you have any other comments you would like to share on this topic?

Alana: I want to thank our questioner for presenting the question. It brought to us an opportunity to acknowledge the many angelic souls who, during these transformative times, are doing so much to elevate the vibration of the planet.

Some are working within circumstances that are very dense and difficult. Some are coming into body for short periods of time to shift our perceptions of life and death. Some are working in the non-visible planes, supporting those who cross from one side to the other. Some are our non-visible helpers whose presence is constant, even when we doubt that they are there.

Let us all turn our hearts toward our beautiful spirit guides and angels--those who are incarnated and those in the non-visible planes--and thank them for their love, protection, and willingness to serve. So be it.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana, for all that you share. We appreciate your presence, too.

Alana: You are most welcome, dear ones.

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