The Guide to the Other Side

Part 8: Can our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides appear to us physically?

Kirk: Hello, Alana. Today we have a question from a person who would like to see the face of her guardian angel.

Question: I have guardian angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones speaking to me on a regular basis. They communicate while I'm awake, and especially when I am dreaming. Although I recognize the faces of my departed loved ones, and can see the faces of my spirit guides, I cannot see the faces of my guardian angels. Can you please explain why this is?

Alana: Thank you, for this wonderful question. When Alana senses the question, it reminds me how people identify with human qualities. Guardian angels are vast expressions of love. Yet, human nature prefers to identify an angelic presence as a being. For example, humans often represent guardian angels as some sort of Supreme Being.

My sense is that the questioner is quite sensitive and has some extremely wonderful intuitive abilities. I want to point out that the purpose for not putting a face to the guardian angel's vibration isn't necessarily a flaw or an inability. Rather, it could be that their deeper nature really does grasp the vastness of their guardian angel. The guardian angel represents an incredible collective intention of love. By not putting a face on their guardian angel, their wise inner nature might be symbolizing their guardian angel's expansive vibration.

Kirk: Just for a little review, can you describe what an angel really is? What kind of being is an angel?

Alana: An angel can come in many forms. You can view an angelic spirit as a being whose intention is to be a messenger of love and light--the God vibration, you could say. An angel is a being who conveys a love-filled message to everything and everyone they touch.

Kirk: I know some writings have stated that it is important to understand all the different kinds of angels, the different classes of angels. How do you feel about that, relative to it being useful, or not, as we study angels?

Alana: That kind of information is as useful as a person needs it to be to help them create clarity for their mind's deeper understanding. We have the descriptions of angels represented through religions such as Catholicism and other forms of Christianity. People with such religious backgrounds will most likely experience angels in the ways they are represented to them through the teachings of their church. People with different belief systems will sense angels in ways that are different. For example, angels might not be represented as having wings and halos.

The core intention of an angelic being is to guide with love. Therefore, they are happy to appear in whatever ways most support a person in aligning with light and their higher nature. Angels will take on the persona of what will serve this highest purpose. They are not caught up in their name, "rank," or their appearance.

Kirk: To clarify, let's imagine someone with a religious background believes in an angel named Gabriel, and that this angel is a special messenger of God. Would it then be possible that they might experience a winged angel coming to them who says he has a message for them from God? And, are you saying that the angelic being might actually be much more vast than the name and form of a specific identity? And, in this case, if we could really see the energy of this being with fresh eyes--without filtering our experience through religious symbology--we might experience something altogether different?

Alana: Yes. Sometimes individuals will see angelic messengers in ways that their imagination probably wouldn't be able to make up. Plus, their higher self may play a role in how angelic messengers might appear to them.

Kirk: In other words, the way we experience angels--and spirit guides, for that matter--is guided from realms beyond our conscious minds. Can our higher selves help determine how we experience angel presences?

Alana: Yes, our higher natures know exactly how to allow the presence and appearance of such a beautiful being to come into our lives.

Kirk: As we discussed before, an angelic being doesn't have any egoic needs to be perceived as supreme or in any way superior to us. Is that correct?

Alana: Exactly! They wish to emulate love, and it is those who view their presence that view them as somehow supreme, higher, or better.

Kirk: Thank you, Alana. We appreciate your sharing, and look forward to our next session with you.

Alana: You're welcome, and remember, I am always present, within your heart.

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